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5 Awesome Tools To Embed Customer Reviews On Your Website, Latest News Adda

Customer reviews are an essential component for any business. It provides a reputation for the business, and even marketers know about the public reaction to their product. A new customer of any business always looks for reviews and researches about the product and business before buying anything. The past customers’ reviews and experience provide status about the product and business reputation in the market.

Even businesses use tools such as the google review widget to display reviews on their website, as it provides a brief about the product and brands that can win the trust of their new customers.

In this digital age, when almost everything is available online, the customers have started to provide their feedback and reviews about the product using different online platforms. Many such platforms provide space to the customers to give their reviews and allow people to read those feedbacks and make their buying decisions. 

Businesses often use these reviews for their benefits as it helps them win the confidence of their new customers and provides insight to the marketers on how past users have received their products.

As many businesses use WordPress for their website, the WordPress community has added several plugins in their catalog that allow customers to submit their reviews. The brands embed these reviews on their website and provide customers the reviews about their product.

In this blog, we will discuss the best plugins available in the market that helps you fetch and display the customers’ reviews on your WordPress website.

But starting from the basics, let’s look at the pointer that you should keep in mind before choosing the plugin for your website. 

Required Features of a Customer Reviews Plugin:

1. Rating system

Rating is most important for the business. The rating provides a short and summarized review of your business and product. Pick a WordPress plugin that displays the rating system on your website.

2. Approval system

Another problem that businesses face in the reviews section is that many people post inappropriate reviews. Sometimes, there are spam and bot comments on the sections of your review. Choose a plugin that fixes this problem; in other words, pick the plugin that allows you to filter all spam and irrelevant comments.

3. Schema Markup

Schema Markup is an important feature for a plugin, as it helps to get a better SEO rating. It helps search engines to provide more related results when the users search for your business.

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Keep these features in mind before installing the plugin on your website. These are some of the very important features that help you with reviews and help you get more website traffic. Now let us look at the best plugins that are currently available in the market.

Best Review Plugins For WordPress Website:

1. Tagembed Review Widget

Tagembed Review Widget is the most popular tool in the market. The tool helps you fetch the reviews related to your business and then display those reviews on your website. It is an amazing tool that allows you to monitor the content displayed on your website, and you can easily filter out all spam and irrelevant reviews. It helps you to keep the feed related to your business and showcase relevant reviews about your products.

The tools also provide you the feature to customize your widget; you can use different font styles, font sizes, colours, backgrounds for your widget. You can also select different layouts and make your website vibrant and pleasing to the eyes.

2. Google Places Review

Google Places review is an excellent plugin, and many businesses from around the world use this plugin to great benefit. It allows you to display the Google Places reviews directly on your website. Businesses mostly use it with restaurants, hotels, guest rooms, etc. 

It allows you to display up to 3 reviews on your website with added information about your business like name, website, Google+ page. It also provides you with features to customize your widget; you can show your artistic side by selecting various theme designs and making your website appealing to the customers.

3. WP Review Pro

WP Review Pro is a premium review plugin. It is one of the highly-rated plugins and provides great help to businesses. 

The plugin provides great help for your SEO optimization. One of the best features of this plugin is that it is very easy to install and use. It provides variety in the rating system that helps both users and businesses. The users can express more while businesses understand how their product is performing in the market. 

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4. WP Product Review Lite

The reviews provide a summary of the reputation of the business and product. But businesses are always looking for detail to review so they know their product’s status and performance. It helps them to get a detailed insight into their product and work on the flaw if needed. 

This is where WP Product Review Lite comes to the rescue; it allows you to create custom criteria of your rating system, you can add different sections such as pros, cons, etc. It allows you to understand the public review about your product in a better way.

5. Yelp Widget Pro

Yelp Widget Pro is a very easy-to-use plugin. It provides great help to businesses as it allows you to display Yelp reviews for your business. Customers take Yelp reviews very seriously and considering reading them before making any purchase. 

The Last Words

Customer reviews are very important for customers; it helps them to make their buying decisions. You can win the trust of your customers by providing them the review and social proof of your business.

The plugins mentioned above are readily available in the market and provides great helps to businesses to get more customers and enhance their sales. You can use these plugins, showcase the reviews to your new customers, and convert them into loyal customers.

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