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While Dubai is a multi-faceted city with something to accomplish for all voyagers, a fast escape from the city takes you to the absolute most interesting common and man-made miracles! Distinctively assorted from the shining lights of Dubai city, here are 5 super day trips from Dubai to find the magnificence of the UAE past the undeniable attractions. How To Book Dubai Tour Packages Go OiOTravel Or Contact OiO Travel.



A delightful dessert spring in the desert, Al Ain will astound you with its tree-lined streets, its rambling parks, and its greenery. The “Nursery City of UAE” mirrors the plushness of the UAE and pulls in guests from Dubai for its magnificent engineering, the Jabal Hafeet slopes for the all-encompassing perspective on the city, Al Ain Zoo and flawlessly finished parks which spot the city.


Take an alternate route from your vacation in Dubai, and head to Musandam, an Omani promontory circumscribing with the UAE. This hypnotizing regular retreat is famous for its day travels along the barbed coastline, angling visits to find the flourishing marine life and for the all-encompassing perspectives from on the high mountains encompassing the waters. Clear your path through the fjords and bays and in case you’re fortunate you may recognize a dolphin or two!


Dubai’s preferred seashore escape, Fujairah is known for its rough slopes, bending ocean side streets, beating surf and a white sandy stunning coast-line. Individuals from Dubai head to Fujairah for its obvious stone slopes, exciting water sports or for an enjoyable outing at the seashore. A portion of the other well-known attractions incorporates Al Bidyah Mosque (the most established mosque of the UAE), Fujairah Fort (a seventeenth-century conventional Arab stronghold) and the dazzling quiet seashores and corniche along the ocean.

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Ras al Khaimah

The calmer of the emirates, Ras al Khaimah is a community, about 90 minutes drive from Dubai, and is the ideal escape for a loosening up day out of the city. Numerous new desert resorts have grown around Ras al Khaimah, and it is progressively turning into an incredible spot for a rough terrain desert camp understanding. A portion of different attractions in Ras al Khaimah incorporate the Museum of Ras al Khaimah (a fortress transformed into a gallery), Dayah Fort (a dazzling sixteenth-century post on a ridge), Jazirat al-Hamra ( a relinquished angling town), Khatt Springs (underground aquifers with remedial properties), and a few other noteworthy landmarks which recount to the account of UAE’s indigenous roots.

Abu Dhabi

The capital city of the UAE and the more unobtrusive partner of Dubai, Abu Dhabi is an extravagant city, with a modest soul. The sparkle may be lesser, yet the city’s character is nearer to the indigenous underlying foundations of the nation. When in Abu Dhabi, you should visit the glorious Sheik Zayed Mosque or White Mosque as it is famously called. This shining white mosque with mind-boggling marble work will leave you entranced with its sheer glory. Aside from the mosque, Abu Dhabi has a large group of attractions like Yas Island (for water parks, F1 circuit, and so on.), Emirates Palace (a sublime royal residence inn), Ferrari World (a unique Ferrari themed event congregation), Marina Mall (a waterfront shopping complex), and some more.

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