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Want to decorate your home and looking for ideas?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been decorating homes, lawn & garden and offices for last 8 years. In the recent years, I have seen a paradigm shift in the home decoration trends in India. People have started caring about the health, pollution and the environment more than anything.

Pay attention here as I am going to describe how this new trend is helping the millenials in setting up the right home decor.

Beautiful indoor plants are great air purifiers. They treat the toxic chemicals present in the air and make the air more breathable for your family & you. I’ve seen a unique trend of buying bonsai tree online.

5 Best Bonsai Tree for Home Decor

Here are 5 best and beautiful bonsai trees that can add up some light to your home decoration.

Ficus Plant Bonsai Tree by Abana Homes

Ficus Bonsai Tree is an excellent indoor bonsai plant that you can keep on the dining table or the desk or any where indoors. It needs watering on alternate days. You can find this bonsai plants online at Abana Homes.

Image: Abana Homes.

Ulmus Bonsai Tree / Chinese Elm by Abana Homes

Ulmus bonsai tree is very beautiful semi-indoor bonsai tree. This awesome looking bonsai tree is very wood, good in shape and hard to kill. All you need is to water it fully daily and it will grow well. This bonsai tree online comes in three variants and sizes. You can choose your piece at Abana Homes.

Image: Abana Homes

Aerial Root Ficus Bonsai Tree by Abana Homes

Ever heard of the Banyan Tree? This ficus bonsai tree is from banyan family and it’s amazing. Check the aerial roots. How lovely they are. It’s interesting to see that how this 15 years old bonsai tree is shaped by the masters at Abana Homes. You’re gonna love it.

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Image: Abana Homes

Carmona Bonsai Plant by Abana Homes

Carmona is one of the most popular bonsai tree. This is a beautiful FLOWERING indoor bonsai tree. Very rare combination of indoor and flowering bonsai tree. Look at how the branches and the stems are shaped to give a perfect view of bonsai. This is a lovely home decor piece.

Image: Abana Homes

Good Luck Jade Bonsai Tree by Abana Homes

And here comes the master-piece. A great bonsai that invites luck to you house. It is called Good Luck Jade Bonsai Tree. Abana Homes team has crafted this bonsai tree for 4 years and now it has become iconic in shape. This is one of the most bought bonsai plant by the bonsai lovers. Check it out Abana Homes.

Image: Abana Homes

Bonsai Plant is a passion. It helps in learning the art of growing something that worths a life. It required a little bit of patience, a discipline in doing something and holistic view of looking at something.

Bonsai is an art, not the commodity. So, think like an admirer of an art created by the bonsai artists and you’re going to continue that art.

Vinni Balyan – Founder & MD, Abana Homes.

Words from a bonsai enthusiast.

This is a very beautiful Bonsai Elm Tree, and the ceramic pot is also really nice. It was packed perfectly and arrived quickly in great condition. I reccomend this company for the best Bonsais on line. I’ll buy more from them.

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