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5 Most Common Water Purifier Problems and Their Solution, Latest News Adda

here you can know about common water purifier problems and their solutions, We cannot think of our lives without water but, this situation can become true if we do not stop wasting water. Concerned authorities have already given an alert about the scarcity of freshwater resources and the time when there will be no freshwater resources can come soon if we do not take appropriate measures now.

Considering this above fact and the quality of supply water in many residential areas, it becomes important to have a RO water purifier installed. It is designed to remove all kinds of contaminants from the supply water including inorganic substances, heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and even biological impurities like bacteria & viruses.

Now, being a machine, RO water purifier tends to raise some concerns during its lifetime regarding the working, and you must know them along with how to solve those problems. This post is dedicated to telling you about 5 main problems that can occur in a water purifier plus, the actions you should take to solve those problems.

5 RO Water Purifier Problems and Their Solution

Bad Taste and Odor

This is one of the most common problems that you will face with RO purifier as with time filters tend to become clogged and delivers low performance. With continuous working for a long time, numerous organic & inorganic impurities like dust, heavy metals, chemicals, and even biological organisms build up on the filter membranes. In this scenario, the performance of filters becomes weak and the result will be bad filtered water quality.

To combat this situation, you need to ensure on-time RO service along with filter change. Most commonly, you need to get RO filters changed every year. While, if the use of your RO is high, consider changing them after 8 to 9 months by calling RO repair.

Low Water Flow

When the RO service is done after regular intervals, the flow of water is excellent and you need not wait for much time to get your glass filled with water. But, you might have faced this condition that the water flow becomes slow and the time taken to fill the storage tank is also high.

One of the key reasons for this problem could be malfunctioning of air bladder in your storage tank and due to this, the time taken to fill it becomes high. So, the first thing you need to do this is get it checked by calling for RO repair. Another reason for this issue could be the low water pressure in your RO. Thus, look for the correct functioning of the booster pump and even supply pressure.

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If the above two do not justify the problem in your RO, then the reason could be clogged filter membranes due to heavy dust build-up. Get it cleaned and your problem might be solved.

Noisy Faucet

Another common problem that we might have faced with our RO water purifier is unusual sound coming out of its faucet. This is generally not a big problem and it is common when the filter cartridge is changed. The most common reason for this problem is either the change in water pressure or air in the system.

Now, if this problem does not get solved within a day or two, it is advised to call a professional for the RO service and he/she will find the correct cause of the problem and solve it.

Leakage in the Filter or Membrane

Another issue that you might face in your RO water purifier with time is a leaking faucet or even the filter or membrane. If unnoticed, it could become a big problem and you might have to bear a heavy loss. Thus, it is advised to check the fitting of the faucet, filter, or membrane, the reason could be their loose-fitting or damaged o-ring. Changing the ring or properly fitting the parts can solve your leakage problem.

While on the other hand, if this is not the issue or even after considering this the problem persists, call the expert for RO repair as he/she will be the best person to solve this issue.

Water Tank is Not Filling or Taking More Time to Fill

5 Most Common Water Purifier Problems and Their Solution, Latest News Adda

With time, the parts of RO water purifiers become malfunctioned and that results in improper functioning of the system. One of the problems faced is with the filling of the storage tank; either it does not get filled or taking more time to fill than usual. This problem is caused due to low water pressure as RO requires a minimum pressure between 40 & 60 Psi and the supply pressure could be below the lower limit.

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Thus, in this scenario, you need to get your supply pressure checked or get a booster pump installed if it is not there. While, if the pump is present, there could be a problem in that as well. So, get the problem corrected by calling for RO service. Another reason for this problem that might require RO repair service is the clogged filter membrane, as in this scenario water tends to flow slower than usual. So, if this is the problem, either get the membrane cleaned or changed, whichever is best.


Having a RO installed is not only the solution to poor water supply but maintaining it properly is also important. For that on-time RO service and repair is required plus, you also need to know about the common problems that occur in a RO along with the possible solutions.

We hope that this RO would have helped you in learning about those problems and their solutions, and you will not get stuck if the same happens with you in your RO purifier’s life.

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