Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
6 Best Medical Apps For Doctors In India, Latest News Adda

There’s an app available for virtually everything and every profession. Doctors are no exception either. But are you engaging with the right app that can help make life easier for you?

Life is often unkind to a doctor. Even after toiling hard to earn those degrees, you have to cope with busy schedules, stay current on the latest breakthroughs, learn more about medications, and take steps to grow your practice. Come the pandemic; your challenges have just multiplied.   

Let medical apps for doctors make life easier for you. Vouch on them for easing your schedule, streamlining workflow, generating revenue, growing the practice, and interacting with patients. The possibilities are endless, though; you might have a tough time choosing the right app. 

Here’s your checklist of medical apps that can help.

1. Bajaj Finserv Health for Doctors:

It’s all you need to stay productive and grow your practice. Just list yourself on the Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor and enjoy a steady stream of patients. It’s the best teleconsultation app designed to allow doctor-patient interactions in real-time via call, chat, and video. Make the most of an intuitive dashboard for easy access to your appointments, weekly and monthly patient stats, and more. Repetitive prescription making doesn’t get any simpler, thanks to the auto-suggest medicine tool. Tired of managing the practice on your own? Let the virtual receptionist help you. Feel free to create and send digital prescriptions and invoices quickly and easily. 


● Multi-modal online consultations 

● An intuitive dashboard for better workflow

● Auto-suggest medicine feature 

● Patients appointment reminder 

● Check, store, share and retrieve reports speedily 

● Hot buttons for correct and prompt consultations

● Create and forward digital prescriptions and invoices 

● Virtual receptionist for streamlined clinic management

● End-to-end data security


2. Epocrates Plus:

Epocrates Plus comes across as one of the best medical apps for doctors, helping you make informed clinic decisions. The Android app is a repository of the latest information on safety, the best clinical practices, clinician-reviewed illnesses, diagnostics, treatment recommendations, substitute medications, and more. Call it your encyclopedia on all things healthcare. Accessing information is prompt and convenient with Epocrates, thanks to a user-friendly interface. You could end up saving to 20 minutes daily when accessing data. 

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● Comprehensive information on diverse topics 

● With info readily available, you can focus on patient care 

● Quick and easy information access


3. Prescrip:

If you find prescription making cumbersome, let Prescrip come to your rescue. The clinic management app generates accurate, medically compliant prescriptions at a moment’s notice. Plus, you can maintain and retrieve patient records when needed. From humble origins in 2014, Prescrip has evolved into the leading platform in its category, with upwards of 7000 registered practitioners across 477 city centers India-wide. It operates on a freemium business model, meaning the essential services are provided free, but you need to buy the advanced features. 


● Prescription making is a breeze 

● Store and access patient records 

● Strong India-wide presence 


4. Practo:

It’s a popular app with a presence in 58 cities across India. Practo allows patients to zero in on the right doctor, book appointments, order medication and doorstep sample collections, and more. Also, there’s an extensive database of tips on healthy living and treatment options. It would help if you created a Practo profile to have face-to-face consultations with patients within your local area. Your Practo profile includes your specialization, experience, fees, reviews, and more. Of late, the app has been providing health credit cards to simplify and expedite medicine ordering. 


● A growing nationwide presence

● A comprehensive range of services 

● Convenient registration process 

● Healthcare credit cards available 


5. Amion:

Struggling to organize your shifts? Count on Amion for the required help. Access the app to stay current on your on-call and daily schedules. That’ll help you streamline and plan shift schedules for the coming weeks and even months. Your patients are quickly updated if there’s a schedule change. That makes Amion one of the must-have medical apps for doctors.   

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● Take the pain out of organizing shifts 

● Patients are notified if the schedule changes  


6. Curofy:

Practitioners rely on Curofy to interact with fellow practitioners. You, too, can follow suit. Think of it as a Facebook for doctors where they can interact, share and learn.  


● Easy access to fellow clinicians 

● Info on the latest developments in medicine 

Now that you know what all can be achieved with medical apps, it’s time to act.

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