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A Brief Study on Healthy People Initiative, Latest News Adda

The Healthy People initiative has been a visible component of the United States approach to the improvement of population health since the late 1970s. Each decade a new version of the Healthy People initiative is developed targeting new populating health issues, goals and quantifiable objectives to be achieved in the coming decade. As analyzed by Online Assignment Help, the progress of various objectives have been limited by issues such as insufficient funding or lack of effective implementation by the government. The changes in political; and economic environment have also led to the limitation of these objectives. The Healthy People Program has existed since 1979 and was developed in response to the enforce concerns among health authorities on the need to emphasize disease prevention. Its aim was to reduce controllable health risk in the American population. The initiative is described as a long-term effort to address the changing health needs of the American population. The initiatives have been met while some have not been achieved depending on the geopolitical environment within that decade or the emphasis placed by the government on achieving these objectives.

Healthy People 2000

The Healthy People initiative of 2000 identified 319 objectives with the achieved targets being 21%, the progress towards the target at 41% while17% of the objectives showed no progress or regressed from the target. According to Green & Fielding (2011) Healthy People 2000 has been achieved various success and has also failed in meeting different objectives. Its major failure is its inability to reduce disparities based on race, but its success is that it was able to reduce the disparities between men and women in access to health care. The Healthy People 2000 was able to achieve its objective of improving maternal and infant health by 14% in the country. There was 1% change in tobacco use in the country which identifies a failure on the part of this initiative.

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Healthy People 2010

The Healthy People 2010 identified 417 objectives to be achieved while only 6% of the objectives were achieved. This identifies a clear failure of the Healthy People 2010. 30% of the objectives progressed towards the target while 16% of the objectives regressed or showed or showed no progress. The two overreaching goals in Healthy People 2010 were to eliminate health disparities and increase the quality of life and years. The success of this initiative is that it helped to create a stronger relationship between individual and community health. Healthy disparities by race and ethnicity as well as gender have shown only slight progress that is by 2% under this initiative which shows its failure. The initiative has also failed to achieve equity for all health demographics which identifies the weaknesses of this initiatives. Another area of failure is the Nutrition and overweight objectives which had negative results as the obesity rates increase by over 24% in all age groups. Other areas that showed limited progress was the Osteoporosis, arthritis, and chronic back conditions which showed that less than 25% of the targets in this area were met.

Healthy People 2020

The Healthy People initiative of 2020 strives to Identify nationwide health improvement priorities, increase public awareness of determines of health, disability, and disease and provide measurable goals and objectives applicable at the local, state and national level. As stated in report by Paper Writing Services, the overreaching goals of the Healthy People 2020 is to achieve high quality, longer lives which are free of preventable diseases, injury, disability and premature death. Other overreaching goals include achievement of health equity, eliminations of disparities and improvement of health outcomes for all groups. The initiative also aims to achieve the quality of life, healthy behaviors and healthy development across all life stages. The Healthy People 2020 is therefore designed to compensate for the weaknesses and failures of the previous health initiatives.

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