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“To know about the last minute checklist, kindly read this blog now without any delay”.

No matter how early you start, you have to make some arrangements the night before you move in. The night could be restless and you might feel anxious. But do not worry as it is quite common. You will still have a few things to complete!

The moving day is tedious and you have to make your peace with it. Even though 90% of the things are done and the movers are going to take care of most of the things, still you would have chores left on your plate. Do not panic and think that everything would go wrong. You need to relax to ensure a smooth transition. If you have chosen one of the best moving companies Chicago, they would take care of the work. Constantly running lists on your mind might drive you crazy so it would be better if you leave the chores to the movers.

Also, if you have a checklist (assuming that you are organized), try to stick to it without fail. You mustn’t procrastinate your work. Delaying your work until the last moment is the last thing you should do. Then you would have a huge list of things to do at the last minute, which can lead to goof-ups. You should relax the day before as you would have to shed ample of energy the following day.

And here is a complete checklist that would help you be ready at the last moment. Go through this list the night before so that you can have a goodnight’s sleep. To know more, please read the rest of this blog.

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Well, you should check in with the moving company. Make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the time, the Chicago movers cost, etc. If you have any specialty items, then you should inform them about the same.

Secondly, if you have any packing left (documents, heirlooms, shower curtains and toiletries, your essentials bag, medicines, etc.), then get it done NOW. Do not keep these things for the next day! I am hopeful that you have already sorted out your items, downsized, and donated them. If you still haven’t, then just dispose of the unnecessary stuff. There is no point in paying for the items that you don’t use or don’t need. It would burn a hole in your pocket! Since you have delayed this work, there is no time for a garage sale, thus, it would be better to dispose of them.

If you have large furniture pieces and you haven’t hired a full package from the movers, then you should disassemble them by yourself the day before. However, I always suggest my readers go for the entire package.

You should also set aside some snacks from the pantry so that you have things to munch on when required. You should also keep some coffee ready so that you can get the caffeine kick whenever needed.

If you need permission for the parking space and elevator usage, ensure that you get the same from the concerned authorities. You shouldn’t wait until the next day. If you have neighbors and you feel the truck might block their way, talk to them as well.

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If you would be moving by car, then make sure your car is ready. Ensure it’s clean, has adequate fuel, etc.

So these are a few tips for you which would help you relax on the moving day. For a successful move, you should read my other blogs and articles.

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