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Hurdles in School Admission Due to COVID19, Latest News Adda

As the month is closing by and July is here, we remember those busy times of the year for the schools, where they ran campaigns, seminars, admission fairs etc. to drive in more parents and students for the admissions. But this year, all plans were scrapped due to coronavirus and lockdown. The schools have not only faced the brunt of fee submissions/no fee hike, but they are also dealing with no/low admission count as well.

Here we will try to go through some of the hurdles which schools faced in terms of admissions due to COVID19.

  • No Physical School Visit: With social distancing and schools closed, parents are not able to visit the school for a visual tour of the facilities and infrastructure, which are important for the school selection. Also, it’s difficult for the management to comprehend and convince the parents for admitting their child over a phone call or email.
  • Management Glitches: Mostly, the schools are driven by a combination of its performance, parent’s keenness and management efficiency. But this year, the parents and schools are uncertain about their future due to the spread of virus and subsequent lockdown. Thus, the management is facing lots of hassles in managing the infrastructure, operations, salaries, marketing etc. with no respite in the near future. Amidst this, they are failing to hold campaigns and fairs for attracting new admissions.
  • Government Rulings: With COVID19, state and central governments are facing their own challenges in terms of maintaining WHO norms for health and safety of the citizens. Thus, they are reprimanding their ruling in every few days to ensure the safety of students, teachers and school-helpers, when it comes to schools and colleges. The schools are too engrossed in implementing those in their working pattern, then to look out for new admissions.
  • Parent’s Hindrance: This is imposing a great challenge for the academic session as in the whole uncertainty of jobs and businesses, parents are not ready or keen to take the risk of changing the school. As it means an investment of a chunk of money which might be a difficulty during these times for many.
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One school that has always dealt well with and is still going strong between this crisis is SelaQui International School in Dehradun. It is one of the best boarding schools in Uttarakhand. They have such a strong foundation and great practices in place, to fight the challenges faced during COVID19 pandemic. They are having their admissions process going strong due to great infrastructure, holistic and experiential education, vast campus, experienced faculty etc.

SelaQui International School is one of the top residential schools in Dehradun, committed to inspire young minds to develop their true potential. They provide them with first-class educational experience within the context of an intellectually exciting and culturally creative community. One must visit their website to explore and get more information for admissions.

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