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Everyone is familiar with the concept of Uber. What if there is a Uber-like delivery app that offers medical marijuana? Yes, there is one actually, it’s a Uber for medical marijuana app. With the fast-changing economy, cannabis would become legal in upcoming years. In the US, around 33 states have permitted marijuana for medical purposes. 

Here are some of the market trends related to Cannabis 

  • As of February 2019, marijuana is legalized in 10 states for individuals over 21 years. These states include Alaska, Oregon, California, Maine, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Vermont, Michigan, Massachusetts, District of Columbia. Whereas, medical marijuana is now legal in 33 US states.
  • Medical marijuana users are more than $95.4 million in Maryland alone, in the first year itself. 
  • As per Statista, medical marijuana sales will reach between 3.7 and 5.1 billion dollars in the year 2020.
  • According to Grand View Research, the global legal marijuana market size is expected to reach USD 66.3 billion by the end of 2025.

Technologies to impart during Uber for medical marijuana development 

  • Online video streaming: Still there are a lot of misconceptions about using medical marijuana. So an online streaming video will provide a clear picture for the people. These videos can focus on aspects like the medicinal benefits of using cannabis, methods to use it, and so on. 
  • Chatbots: Users can get their doubts clarified through the in-app chat. At times people are hesitant to discuss their queries related to cannabis through video/voice calls. Chatbots resolve the issues relating to that.
  • Shop-like experience: Through the latest technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, people can experience shop-like experience while purchasing the product. 

These technologies will bring in more customers to the marijuana delivery app.

Types of solutions available for Uber for Marijuana

  • Telemedicine services for marijuana

It is a platform, wherein patients can consult doctors and get digital prescriptions for treatment based on medical cannabis. They can order and get these medicines delivered to them through these apps’ services.

Example: EazeMD is California’s largest telemedicine service provider. They provide same-day delivery services for users with valid medical prescriptions.

  • Same-day delivery services
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People are looking out for quicker solutions. So there is a need for same-day delivery services. The main difficulty in handling same-day delivery is that only a certain number of customer requests can be processed. Some apps based on this model display the availability slots so users can choose the timing as per their convenience. At the same time, apps can handle their requests efficiently. 

  • Aggregator type services

The Aggregator model is adopted by major E-commerce websites like Amazon. These apps act as a hub connecting shopkeepers and customers. They can post advertisements for the products. As they get the customer requests, the delivery agents who are part of the Uber-like app for marijuana will pick up the packages from respective stores and deliver it to users.

Essential features to consider while developing a marijuana delivery app

Users app features

  • Registration & Identity Verification: The user must sign-in by providing the necessary details. In addition to that, they must add an identification proof for age verification. 
  • Product search & filter: People can locate the product they require by searching it in the app or by browsing through the segregated category list. Users can use the various sort options based on their price & quantity to find the best deals from the sellers. For purchasing medical cannabis through the app, people need to upload doctor prescriptions. Without the prescription, the payment gateway cannot be accessed. 
  • Scheduled orders: Users can set reminders for later purchases using the schedule order options and near the delivery date, users have been reminded of the order. Users can also reorder the products quickly by selecting it from the transaction history. 
  • Live tracking: It also allows users to stay updated on the current status of the order, they can track the delivery executive through this feature. In addition to that, users get a notification as and when order status changes. 

Store app features

  • Store profile setup: The store owners should provide an authentic license to sell the products, along with the necessary details required for registration. Once validated by the admin, they can showcase their products in the app.
  • Manage transaction history: They receive the customer requests as they order the products. Then they take care of packaging and making the product ready for delivery. They can also send a notification to the delivery agent when the order is ready for pickup. 
  • Order management: Based on customer demand, they can manage the inventory through an order management panel.
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Admin app features 

  • Comprehensive dashboard: The dashboard has the data related reviews & ratings given by the users. They can use it as suggestions and improve the user experience.
  • Overall view: It offers an overview of the order status, number of customers, delivery agents who are part of the app. Admin can easily coordinate the delivery process if there is any delay in processing. 
  • Earnings module: Admin can view the earnings date-wise, month-wise, and year-wise in the earnings module. Machine Learning algorithms offer suggestions on the areas of improvement.


The demand for marijuana is increasing. By adopting the on-demand medical marijuana delivery app for your business, you can capture more customers. The cannabis delivery industry will reach $80 billion by by 2023 in the US alone.

The industry for such an app is drastically growing with quick delivery services people can easily get the products as per their mentioned specifications. The aspects such as live streaming provide a shop like an experience for the users from the comfort of their homes. There are several prerequisites and several other factors to consider while developing, so it would be wise to leave the tedious task of app development to the experts. Get a white-labeled clone app from reputed app development companies and launch your app on major platforms in no time.

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