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After nine months of long and unbearable delivery pens, when the child falls on your lap and his knocks echo, you not only forget your pen but your happiness doubles. This happiness also brings a great responsibility of being a mother.

You waited long for nine months to welcome this little angel to into your life and now his arrival has filled your home with extraordinary joy and happiness. But, now that it’s time to take care of your child, you may be unaware of a lot of things. And feeling upset and worried about getting advice from here about taking care of Shush.

At the time of becoming a mother for the first time, you do not know how to take care of your baby. How to embrace her, how to feed her, how to bathe her… There are many responsibilities that parents have to take very carefully and wisely after the birth of the baby. But don’t worry, we are going to tell you the easiest and safest ways to take care of your baby.

Take care of cleanliness

Your little one has just arrived in the world, so he is very fragile and very weak to fight germs and infections and this is the reason why you should keep yourself and the surrounding environment neat and clean. Always thoroughly sterilize your baby’s toys, keep the house clean and wash your hands properly with an antiseptic hand sanitizer before touching the baby.

Pick the baby carefully

You need to take care of the baby all the time because the newborn is very fragile. So while raising the baby, hold his head and neck properly, as if supporting them. You need to put your one hand under the head and neck of the baby and the other hand under the feet and then support the child. And if you are taking your baby to a career, you should be very careful and you should avoid bouncing your baby in the air.

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Learn about diaper use

Whether you are using cloth diapers or disposable, you must be sure of some facts such as having a proper stock of diapers. Baby can get rashes on diaper skin, so it is important to clean the skin with soap-free wipes. Apart from this, you can also take any ointments by asking a child specialist.

Feed the baby properly

Mother’s milk is a complete and balanced diet. It is important to feed the baby the breast milk for the first six months and the baby will only drink breast milk as it provides all the necessary nutrients required to keep the baby healthy. However, it is very difficult to understand when your baby is hungry, so always try to understand signs of hunger, such as crying, putting a finger in the mouth, or sucking your nose. After feeding, it is very important to belch your baby so that his stomach does not get gas.

Healing of naval is very important

Immediately after the mother leaves the womb, when the umbilical cord of the baby is cut, there is a wound near the baby’s navel. It takes about 1-4 weeks to fill. So make sure that you give your baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord comes out or the navel is properly dried. The cord and navel can be yellow to black, but this is very normal. do not sweat!

Full sleep is important

You always want to play with your baby, but it is very important that your baby sleep for 12-16 hours. It helps your child to grow properly. So it is important that you try to make him sleep more and more. For this, you can listen to him as a lullaby.

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Apart from this, use only ayurvedic baby products for the baby’s skin also it is necessary to keep the newborn wrapped in soft and warm clothes. This will help your child to feel warm, comfortable, and safe. Keep the baby wrapped in clothes for 0-2 months, but keep in mind that you should not wear too many clothes for the newborn. This will make him feel hotter, which can reach his mind and put his life in danger. The newborn needs to sleep for at least 16 to 20 hours to get proper rest. It is very important for the child to get proper sleep for his growth. Try to put the baby to sleep without a pillow but if you do make sure it is light and very soft. Remember not to keep the child’s head in the same place for too long while he is asleep. Some babies will sleep all day but stay awake at night. In such a situation, make the child completely dark in the night to sleep.

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