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We all love sitting around during summers and drinking slushies and cold juices, ice-cream, sorbet. So basically summer brings lots of things but then sums up the rainy season in which we hardly do anything. But we love to eat spicy food and you know it’s amazing to just get drenched in rain, get back home and prepare yourself hot coffee, some good snacks and indulge in some me-time. So I like a hallmark channel that always does Christmas in July.

I thought to take up my idea of the same but this article is particularly about summer in July. So basically these are those products that were supposed to be launched in summer but due to some delay they were launched in the latter part of June and they are yet again amazing gifts that you can give to your loved ones,

especially these articles, are particularly for men because they are always looking to give something to give their wives and any important women in their life.  But of course, these gifts can be given from one woman to another woman as well. So let’s check them out- 

1) Gold and Pink rose collection 

Summer in July Beauty Gifts, Latest News Adda

So gold and pink have always been a classic combination especially when the designers put together the rose pallets and the best part is that these are ready to give gift pallets or eye shadow palettes as we better put them. This particular pink and rose are from MAC. You can send flowers to pune or anywhere else.

And the best part is that you know it always happens that there are certain colors in an eye shadow palette that we love using and certain of them were just ignored and not able to match them to any of our outfits and in that case you can always take your eye shadow and make some lipstick out of it. And that way you are leftover colors will be used and you wouldn’t have to go about buying another set of lipsticks. 

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2) Eyeshadow and Lip mix 

Summer in July Beauty Gifts, Latest News Adda

One of the best things that you can ever buy from Estee lauder is there eye shadow palettes trust me they are just amazing and although we will not end up using all the colors but sooner or later those colors can always be transformed to something else in our makeup and the best part is that these can be mixed to make a new color so you even if they don’t match your outfit you can always make these colors and make something you out of it and the best part is that even after that have some colors are left out and you are not able to use them you can always make some lip balm out of it by mixing various oils and or Vaseline in it. So alongside a happy birthday bouquet if it’s a birthday gift you can add the Estee Lauder eye shadow palette specially designed for summers. But again it’s a limited edition, so buy it quickly. 

3) Summer wedding gifts 

Well, we all know that most of us avoid getting married during summers because we know it is also the onset of monsoon. But sometimes a monsoon is delayed due to certain reasons and if you are having your wedding in the late summers then this one would be just an ideal gift for you. It’s a perfume by coach floral blush.

And it’s really soft and very soothing and calm perfume, especially for a backyard wedding. And the bottle is very cute and it has this beautiful daddy age drawn on it so you can give it to the bride of the groom it’s a unisex perfume and trust me they would be delighted to have it. And once when you have this perfume you can add cheap online flower delivery in Bangalore or anywhere else. 

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4) Bronzers 

Another amazing thing that you can add especially if you are attending a summer wedding to your make-up and to that of the friend whom you are giving this beautiful gift. No best palette has a pink, nude, and brown nude shade. So these particular shades are brought to us by Clarins and we all know that they always maintain quality and quantity alongside cake and flower delivery in Bangalore.

This would be a perfect combination gift to help your friend start her wedding and wedding blessing. And obviously, we all know that a little bit of cake can just be lots of sweetness and kill the nervousness even though we are confident enough. 

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