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Get Instant Approval for the Best 2D Payment Gateway for International Merchant, Latest News Adda

The global e-commerce has an undeniable growth opportunity. the above report shows the vast opportunity available in the market.  All banks in the network are integrated with a single payment processing platform and are managed from a central dashboard.

Many nations have specific payment methods for their country. You can enable all preferred alternate payment methods available through the 2D payment gateway.

We offer you services to international merchants. International Merchants can quickly get merchant account service under our expert’s guidance. Our expert team supports them in every step.

How do I get 2D Payment Gateway for International Merchant?

If you are an international merchant, then you must know that it falls under the high-risk industry. And, a high-risk business needs a high-risk payment gateway for payment processing.

Generally, traditional banks and financial institutes do not provide services to the high-risk industry. Due to risks and chargebacks. It makes getting payment processing service challenging for them.

As a solution, we come into existence to provide merchant service to all high-risk industry. We have gained our experience serving high-risk industries with our services. We integrate the best 2D Payment Gateway for International Merchant.

For merchants, we assign a dedicated account manager. He assists in every step towards getting 2D Payment Gateway for International Merchant. He will collect all the required documents and will forward your file to acquirer banks. After getting approval from banks end, he will proceed for payment gateway integration.

The benefit of 2D payment gateway 

  • Low rates
  • Extensive bank networks
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Coinage solution
  • Track website transaction in real-time
  • Increases your market reach
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Real-time gateway reporting
  • Alternative payment methods
  • Multi-MID support
  • Chargeback management
  • Automatic recurring billing
  • High volume processing
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance
  • 24*7 customer support
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Real-time multicurrency processing

Let your customers make payment in their desired cash with the international merchant account.

We offer you real-time payment processing solution. It enables you as an online merchant to expand your business worldwide. You can process diverse currencies with our payment gateway with a single integration. We support all major currencies around the globe like dollar, pound, euro, and others.

It aids facility for your customers to pay in their local currency. Adding this feature makes your business more legitimate and attractive for the customers.

Be a global player with our credit card processing service. 

Credit card processing is beneficial for an international merchant in various ways. First, it reduces the chargeback ratio and avoids fraud transactions. Credit card payments enhance your product sales and maximize your customer list. It entitles merchants to process payment in diverse currencies.

Merchants can offer one-time payment or recurring payment options with credit card payments. It helps them in expanding their reach worldwide.

We help international merchant with a credit card processing service. Merchants can accept almost all major card brands like Amex, JCB, Visa, and others.

A high-risk 2D Payment Gateway for International merchants to secure their transactions

A high-risk payment gateway should be the primary need of every international merchant. It helps them in reducing the risk and fraud available in the market.

We support international merchants with the integration of a high-risk 2D payment gateway. It meets all security parameter required to protect you from frauds and risks. 2D payment gateway lets your customer make the payment without any OTP o security checks. They can complete the transaction by entering card details only.

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The 2D payment gateway secures your business from the risks and chargeback.

A never compromising security features 

We offer you a highly secured platform to process your payments. Our platform complies with PCI-DSS compliance, along with SSL and API integration. The security tools help you in providing a secure payment mode to their customers. We secure your sensitive information from attackers and theft.

We help international merchants in fighting against chargeback and frauds. Our chargeback management system supports merchants to tackle with the chargeback.

Why choose us?

We are in the market for a long time serving the high-risk industry and we understand the needs of a high-risk business and fulfill their requirements.

We provide integration of 2D Payment Gateway for International Merchants to international merchants. It helps them in managing their payments. Our feature-packed platform helps merchants in maximizing their deals. Acquirer banks with us do not put the cap of transactions volume. It results in as a support for the international merchant in converting sales as much they can.

To get more info for 2D Payment Gateway for International Merchant, contact us right away.

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