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Many countries have legalized the use of cannabis, and according to experts, many more are going to legalize the use of marijuana for medical and allied purposes. The market for on-demand medical cannabis delivery is set to grow exponentially in the coming years. 

Market trends related to cannabis

  • According to WHO, about 147 million people consume cannabis, which is around 2.7% of the world population. 
  • Several studies have demonstrated the therapeutic use of cannabis. According to these studies, it will reduce nausea and vomiting caused at the final stages of terminal illnesses such as Cancer and AIDS.
  • Dranobinal, specific marijuana is prescribed by doctors in the US for more than a decade.
  • According to industry analysis, the medical marijuana business brought in a revenue of $57 billion by 2017.
  • The medical marijuana sector is seeing massive growth in terms of industry size, and it is no way near to slow down. This rise in numbers has captured the attention of business tycoons, and they consider it would be profitable to invest in these sectors.

When it comes to the development of an Uber for medical cannabis app, there are two major stages of progression- the first stage is to establish your presence among the target audience. The second stage involves expanding your business to international borders. With the appropriate planning and research, these on-demand delivery apps will help you establish your place in the competitive market. 

This blog will provide you major insights to establish your successful business in the competitive market.

Steps to follow to become successful with your Uber for marijuana app-based online business

Though the medical marijuana business has been considered legal in many countries, there are certain crucial aspects to consider, such as ensuring dealers or sellers have a valid license, age verification for buyers, etc. Incorporate these aspects during the app development process. 

  • Research and analysis phase

Depending on the current market demand, choose your target audience. Make sure your app follows the regulations and guidelines set by the government for online medical cannabis delivery. When it comes to buying cannabis from the app, there are two kinds of users: the first category includes users belonging to the age group of 18-34. They are frequent buyers. There must be a verification process to ensure that they are not buying without a valid prescription, and there must be a limit set for purchases per month. The second category of people belongs to the age group of 35-54, who usually purchases once a month. So the features and other attributes of the app should be aimed at both age groups.

  • Business model & features

The business model should be based on the end-users as they are the main reason for bringing profits and driving business to the application. These are following business models opted by major delivery apps:

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Delivery specific: This model acts as a delivery partner for stores and enterprises. Apart from delivery, other business activities like order processing is not a concern for apps based on the delivery specific model. 

Single-store pickup: Stores adopt this business model to reach out to more customers. Only the products sold by the specific store are showcased in a single-store model-based app.

Aggregator startup: The popular e-commerce websites opt for this model. The App owners have the choice to have their own warehouse or act as mediators for pickup and delivery for dealers across the country. The latter requires less investment cost compared to the former.

Fundamental features to consider for uber for medical marijuana app

  • User Registration: The user registration process must be simple. There must be a proper verification process to check for users’ ID, age, so on. 
  • Navigation: The products must be categorized in such a way that users can locate the required products in Uber for weed delivery application. There must be a search option to find the items and filters to customize the categories promptly.
  • Communication channels: There must be a chatbot and in-app call options to connect with the assigned delivery agents. There are also in-app map integrations that let users know the current status of the package whenever they want.
  • Wallet and Payment integration: There must be safe and secure gateway options available for the users, which can be developed using third-party services such as Stripe, CCAvenue, and Paypal.
  • Order history and reorder options: All the details regarding previous orders are available on the dashboard. Users also must have the option reorder directly by clicking the order from history. 
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These are the fundamental features that are required for customers to place orders without hassles in an Uber for medical marijuana app. Apart from these features, there should be specific features that make the process easier for delivery agents and admin. Try to include the features provided by major cannabis delivery apps like Eaze and Budly.

The bottom line

Now is the right time to invest in Uber for marijuana business, considering the fact the competition is less and opportunities are more. A unique selling proposition will attract more customers to your app to incorporate one during the app development process and market the app based on that.

The secret for developing the best Uber for Marijuana app: Business model & Features to incorporate
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The secret for developing the best Uber for Marijuana app: Business model & Features to incorporate
Many countries have legalized the use of cannabis, and according to experts, many more are going to legalize the use of marijuana for medical and allied purposes.
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