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A lot of people plan on immigrating to Canada, the fact that this country offers so many things from beautiful landscapes, mixed culture, delicious food culture to lucrative job opportunities for the immigrants. People who are seeking permanent resident in this country can enjoy a lot of benefits. Some of the perks involve the right to live and work wherever you want to in the country. Permanent resident attains several benefits such as health care for family, free public education or kids, and so many more advantages. Immigrants can look forward to opportunities where they can immigrate with their families and kids. Now, let’s cover the brief about Canada immigration express entry from Dubai. 

For those who don’t know Express Entry is the application management system that is used by the IRCC (Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada). It helps manage and process the applications received via Canada’s federal economic immigration program for the professional workers. Express Entry is a good competitive immigration process; it is used for ranking the eligible candidates against each other. Later they are invited to the best ranking candidates who will be then applying for the Canadian permanent resident status. They will be ranked on the basis of age, language expertise, education, work experience, and a few more aspects. This process helps families become new permanent residents in Canada within a few months. 

Moving on to the steps that need to be followed in order to create an express entry profile…to send in the application for your express entry profile- you must submit the three necessary documents. The three documents involve- 

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Language Test: Express entry candidates are required to show their proficiency in French or English language. You must submit your official test scores from an authorized language test. Understand that the minimum score required for the test might vary between express entry programs. Those who wish to seek proficiency in the English language should get approval from the IELTS training exam and those who wish to prove their skills or fluency in French can look forward to TCF examination or TEF tests. 

Education Credentials Assessment: The ECA (Education Credentials Assessment) is an evaluation process of Non-Canadian education by Canadian values. Particularly, education isn’t a necessary requirement for the skilled worker class, but it is important for the CEC or FSTC candidates to complete this report. 

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Passport: The third step involves having a valid passport to submit for an Express Entry Profile. If it is impossible for one to get a passport, they can try submitting alternative identification documents. 

You can seek immigration or even Canada Study Visa from Dubai by contacting a registered immigration consultancy agency. They are professionals in this field and can be of huge help in attaining approval on the documents.

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