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Rules and Guidelines for Getting Affordable Car Shifting Companies in Hyderabad, Latest News Adda

We do not need to tell you the discomfort that moving brings with itself, you must be going through it right now. Are you planning to get a car transport service in Hyderabad? Here we are with the perfect checklist of what to do for a smooth car shifting service. First we, we will go through the list of what you should do before you handover your car for vehicle shipping from Hyderabad. And then we will move to rules and regulations that you have to follow. So let us get started.

Guidelines for Getting Car Shifting Companies in Hyderabad

  1. Wash your car

Yes, this sounds counter intuitive that you are washing your car before shipping. However, it will make the features of the car stand out. That way you can recognize any additional dent that have occurred during the transportation. You can also click pictures of your car.

  • Remove personal items

Your insurance safeguards your car against any mishap during the transit. The items inside of the car are at your responsibility. So avoid stuffing your car with personal items to get those transported in the same car transport cost. You might end up regretting it.

  • Remove detachable items from your car

You do not want GPS system or bike rack to get damaged or even stole in the process, do you? Remove these detachable items from your car. This will be appreciated by your car packers and movers in Hyderabad as well.

  • Find a reliable car carrier in Hyderabad

Your car is valuable and you should not be looking for a low cost carrier to transport your car. Instead, put your attention to find reliable car transporters in Hyderabad. Take the help of Google, talk to your friends and then come to a conclusion.

  • Get Transit insurance
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It is highly likely that your car carrier will ask you to get your car insured for the transportation. If not, then you should take it upon yourself to do so. You can find transit insurance on online websites. We recommend option for door to door car shipping insurance for a seamless experience.

Rules and Regulations to keep in mind for Car Shifting from Hyderabad

  • No Objection Certificate from RTO

In case of inter-state shifting, you are required to get a no objection certificate from your current state. Then you need to get your car registered in the new state. Depending on the road tax in the new state, you will either have to pay more money or will get a refund. However, you do not have to get an NOC if you are going to the new city for less than 12 months.

  • Keep all the documents ready

Yes, this sounds cliché. However, it is very important to have all the documents with you. From Car insurance to PUC certificate and RC, get everything in order before you approach vehicle shipping companies.

Shipping my car from Hyderabad to Delhi NCR is not going to give you headaches if you follow the rules and guidelines that we just mentioned. Remember that it is uber-important to get car shifting from Hyderabad from a trusted packers and movers. It is okay if you have to pay a little premium to partner with the best car carrier in Hyderabad.

You can ask your car carrier for transport by truck or vehicle transport by train from Hyderabad. Also, ask your carrier if you can leave fuel in your car. Many packers and movers allow some amount of fuel while others have strict guidelines against it. We hope you have a wonderful experience and all the best for the new start.

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