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It has been observed that young kids are often found glued to books that have colorful images and pictures in them. And if you notice then you will realize that kids are found more near books that have illustrations in them. 

So, what is it about children’s book illustration that compels and attracts kids to read books? According to many experts there are many advantages and benefits that are related with the use of illustrations in children’s books. Apart from the obvious reasons that without the use of illustrations a children’s book seems rather lifeless and dry there are many other important reasons why illustrations are made a part of kid’s books. It has been observed that use of illustrated characters in children’s books increase the readability of the book for kids. The text is of high importance in a children’s story book but the illustrated characters have their own importance which cannot be ignored either.

Reasons for the use of illustrations in children’s books:

Helps to learn in a safer environment: There are many things, in this world, that children need to be aware of, before they set foot in the real world. They need to know about the ugly truth about many things but it is better to teach kids about these things in a controlled and safe environment. An example of such things can be abusing authority, fire safety, drug abuse, domestic violence and many other issues that children should be made aware of so that they can learn to tackle them in the best possible way.

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Helps in building vocabulary: Do you know how kids learn words? Every word in a kid’s mind is connected with a certain visual image and illustrations in children’s book helps kids in connecting and learning new words by relating them with visual representation of the words. There so many easy and complex concepts and meanings that are very easily understood by kids by looking at illustrations. Another thing that makes learning new vocabulary easy through these books is the fact that kids have a lot of fun all the while they are learning new words. 

Helps kids learn at their own pace: When reading children’s book kids have opportunity to go back and forth and read and re-read again many things and look at illustrations again and again so that they can learn and understand new concepts at their own pace. It doesn’t only helps kids learn at their own pace but also helps them build their confidence by helping them learn comfortably. When a child can learn at their own pace it also helps them build self control and allows them to understand that they need to learn and understand the basics first in order to move on to the advanced stuff later on.

Helps in strengthening a kid’s imagination: All the while a child is reading a children’s book with illustration in it, the child’s mind is fully delved in the world of imagination. Whenever kids see colorful images and pictures it helps to give a boost to their imaginative side. Not only does it strengthen the imaginative prowess of a kid but it also has a very positive impact on a kid’s visual thinking. Relating words with different concepts inside their minds is something that a child can learn very easily through illustrated books. 

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Helps attracts kids towards books: Children often don’t like to sit around and read books but books that have illustrations in them become quite appealing for kids. Many kids are observed to be attracted towards books only because of the illustrations in them.

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