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In the era of cloud platforms in digital services, Amazon Web Services or AWS is a popular name, and it comprises several cloud computing services. Due to this, many IT professionals and young computer science graduates are opting for an AWS certification to make it big in cloud computing. 

In the following article, we will discuss various aspects of the AWS certification, starting from the learning path and benefits of these certifications. Later, we will also talk about the job prospects of an AWS certified professional.

Learning Path of AWS Certifications

One of the best things about the AWS Certifications is that their learning paths are divided based on job roles. It helps the professionals to decide the kind of job role they want to pursue in the future. Some role-based learning paths of the AWS certifications are:


  • Cloud Practitioner Learning Path


Those professionals who want to build an overall understanding of AWS and get evaluated can opt for the cloud practitioner learning path. It is best for individuals who desire to work in technical, sales, managerial, financial, and purchasing domains in AWS Cloud.


  • Developer Learning Path


As the name suggests, developers wish to learn the tricks and bits of cloud application development.


  • Architect Learning Path


The path is for solution architects, design engineers, and any other IT professional who wishes to design cloud applications from scratch. It also helps in building up overall technical soundness in the field of AWS.


  • Operations Learning Path


It is designed explicitly for SysOps administrators and other professionals in the DevOps role. It is essential for those who want to learn application deployment on AWS networks.

AWS Core Certifications

You can choose from the following core certifications of AWS:

  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – Foundational
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional
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Benefits Of AWS Certifications

In this complete guide to know about AWS certifications, we will now discuss the benefits of the certifications.

  • These training sessions are self-paced, and you don’t need to adhere to a strict timeline for them. You can start by choosing a course that is relevant to your desired role in the sector.
  • In the era of virtual assistance and trainers, you can receive your AWS training from an actual AWS expert. Therefore, you will have a personalized experience of learning, similar to classroom instructor-based training.
  • You get a chance to build your career in cloud networking through a dedicated pathway by choosing one from among the available paths discussed earlier.
  • You also get your skills validated to influence the recruiters who actively look for professionals with AWS certification.

Job Prospects After AWS Certification

According to Forbes magazine, the AWS Certified Solution Architect is at the pole position in technical certifications. An experienced solutions architect can expect to earn visibly above the market standards if they have an AWS certification. 

Talking about the job prospects, you can work as Network Engineers, Solutions Architect, DevOps Developer, Systems Engineer, Technical Lead, Solutions Analyst, Network Analyst, and others. Other than that, you also get an opportunity to try out your skills in innovation and research.


As mentioned earlier, the field of cloud-based networking is constantly evolving, and there’s a need for a large pool of trained human resources for leading the research teams. Also, they work closely with network security and cyber-security teams to regularly strengthen their firewalls to dodge and repel any possible attacks in the form of malware or viruses. 

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As a matter of truth, most of the professionals in the IT field look for validation of a skill that makes them stand out from the crowd, and an AWS certification does just that. It is not a hidden fact that the AWS training requires immense dedication and effort, but the result makes it worth it.

If you are looking to up-skill your career and soar ahead in the domain of Cloud Networks, then start your AWS certification training at Koenig Solutions today. Here, you will get the exact environment and education quality required to pass the AWS certification exam and validate your skills through it.

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