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Content marketing offers the decisive advantage of being able to enter into dialogue with the customer at an early stage and thus indirectly influence their buying behavior. But what exactly do companies have from a content marketing strategy?

Content marketing increases your reach

Your content should provide users with added value and help with a specific problem. If your products and services allow it, you can also rely on emotions for your content. All of these factors invite you to share. With social sharing, your content spreads like wildfire! 

If you use your content correctly, you don’t need to make huge investments to be found. In order for Google to rate your page as relevant and rank higher in search queries, the following criteria are decisive:

  • The more precisely you assign your content to a specific subject area, the better you will be found with related search terms.
  • With useful content, you turn your page into an authority website, which is rated very positively in the Google rankings. For this, several links from high-ranking websites must link to their own. Certainly a long way, but it is worth walking.
  • Useful information also increases the length of time that visitor stay, which in turn has a positive effect on your find ability on the web.

Content marketing increases awareness and trust in your brand

Is your brand recognized by the majority of people or not? The calculation is simple – Anyone who has never heard of a brand will not fall back on it, especially not if the product is not significantly cheaper than the competition. That is why it is often the goal of young and unknown companies to gain brand awareness.

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The best thing you can achieve as a brand is that your customer has a personal obligation to use your product again and again. Customers are quite willing to pay more for a product if they are familiar with the brand. Conversely, companies that fail to build brand loyalty are subject to a tough price war.

In addition, in order to enhance brand awareness or to add credibility into your business or brand, the best thing to do here is to get a Wikipedia page. However, Wikipedia page creation is not an easy task. You may need assistance for an expert. 

You can learn more about your target group through content marketing

The more content you produce, the more you learn about the target group. No matter which format you choose – whether video, blog article or website, everything provides you with valuable data that tells you a lot about your readers. You should also consider the direct interactions via social media for consideration. So you can adapt the content ever closer to the needs of the customers.

High Quality content marketing is sustainable

A paid media campaign only works as long as money is pumped into the advertising campaign. After that, it loses its effect. A Google ad will no longer be found if it is no longer paid for. And hardly anyone will remember an advertisement that was on TV two years ago.

Content marketing doesn’t dry up. Up-to-datedness is an important factor for the success of your campaign, but content with constant relevance is repeatedly searched for and consumed by your audience.

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Good marketing is cost effective

It takes time and well-trained staff to produce high quality content. However, if you compare it with classic advertising measures, it quickly becomes clear that in the long term, content marketing is the better alternative because it achieves lasting effects without high running costs.


Content marketing not only helps you to find or be found by new customers, but also to bind them to the company. Content can also be perfectly tailored to the decision-making phase of the consumer. So he always finds exactly the information he needs and ideally not only becomes a new customer, but also a valuable brand ambassador by recommending your website to family members and friends. All through relevant content.

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