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In a world where a picture is worth a thousand words, creating crisp and professional visuals is essential. Therefore, knowing and mastering intelligent tools is an undeniable asset for communicating effectively on social networks, through a blog or a site, or even to make convincing presentations. It is what the visual image making tool DesignCap offers.

Creating a good visual image is complicated. But in a hyper-visual world, we all have to do it. Whether it’s a beautiful Facebook banner, a smart profile picture, a beautiful Instagram post, or well-structured ideas in an infographic, we can all do great.

The free visual marketing tool

DesignCap is a graphic maker that allows you to create images like infographics, blog banners, social media posts, reports, etc. It can take a hell of a thorn out of your side if you need to create a visual image urgently, and you’re not a graphic designer! It offers correctly sized images for every social network and every type of post for both digital and print like:

  • Ideas for various marketing materials (infographic, presentation, card, chart, etc.)
  • Advertising formats for social networks (banners, thumbnails, covers, etc.)
  • Communication tools for your events (invitation, resume, menu, etc.)

DesignCap offers thousands of ready-made templates. To find one that you love, you need to browse them and explore the desired one. They are divided into many different categories. You can search for it with a keyword and find one you like there!

How to make a visual image

DesignCap gives you the option to use your Facebook or Google account to log in automatically or create an account via your email plus a password. It’s not a must, but it’s better to have an account.

1. Choose an image template

DesignCap – Make a Visual Image for WordPress Blog for Free, Latest News Adda

As I said above, DesignCap has a collection of templates for a wide variety of content. You can find specific publications for social networks, digital media, events, advertising media, marketing. And even if you might not find what you are looking for, know that you can also choose a blank page without a predefined template. For my part, I opted for an infographic. Because with these templates, I don’t have to start from scratch or hire a graphic designer to create visuals quickly.

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2. Get started with the editors

DesignCap – Make a Visual Image for WordPress Blog for Free, Latest News Adda

Once the size and model have been chosen, you can start personalizing your visual image using the options presented in the menu on the left. As you can see, the working interface of DesignCap is very intuitive and easy to learn. 

  • On the left, it is a menu to personalize your creation.
  • On the right, the workspace where your visual / document appears.
  • At the top, a specific menu bar will appear when you select a different object.  

Then, customize your visual image with the several clickable elements on the left:

* Elements (which includes adding masks, frames, shapes, lines, icons, graphics, etc.)

* DesginCap offers millions of stock photos in its database, all of them are free of charge. You can upload your own as well.  

* Text: it’s up to you to choose your typography among those offered for free or upload your own font.

* Chart: this is very flexible to import data from a spreadsheet automatically. You can also find a dynamic map of any particular region or country.

* Modules: it saves you much time to organize your photo and text.   

* Background: if you want to change the color or even add a more pattern background.

3. Save and share the visual image

DesignCap – Make a Visual Image for WordPress Blog for Free, Latest News Adda

Finally, once you are satisfied with your visual image, all you have to do is name it and download it by clicking on the “Download” button.

You can share it on social networks, or any website you want thanks to its URL produced by DesignCap.

My opinion

DesignCap is what we call a must. The interface is clean and intuitive. The visual elements offered, in addition to being very diverse, are of high quality (even those free). And then there is this personalization in both style and size of your creations, which is not negligible either! In short, if you are new to DesignCap, now is the time to get started!

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