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Guys, if you are looking for knowing about the types of knee surgeries then you are at the correct place because below in this article we are going to compile the list of knee surgeries. There are several types of knee surgeries and the doctor suggests it according to the circumstances and the condition of the injury. Knee surgeries also depend upon that which of your knee part got affected.

Knee injuries are more common with athletes or another individual who used to indulge in sports activity and another case is a genetic disease. If someone has a history of knee problem then their new generation would suffer from any of the knee injuries.

There are several common knee injuries such as ACL tear, PCL tear, MCL tear, and torn meniscus and in all these situations your doctor may suggest arthroscopic knee surgery. It is surgery under which doctors repair your injury by making small cuts on your knee and then look inside your knee using a mini camera. 

Here are the common types of Surgery: –

As we have mentioned above that there are different kinds of knee surgeries and the doctor can refer you to the one which is suitable according to the affected area or injury. And here are some common knee surgeries: –

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

In this surgery, the ACL reconstruction is surgery torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is get replaced with new which is one of the important ligaments in your knee. ACL is kind of the injuries that mostly occur while playing any sports in which you have to stop suddenly and have to change direction suddenly. Sports such as basketball, soccer, football, downhill skiing, and gymnastics.

In ACL reconstruction Surgery, the injured ligament is replaced with a piece of tissue that is taken from another part of the knee. ACL Reconstruction surgeries are the outpatient procedure that only involves cut around your knee joint for the treatment of ligament. And this surgery is performed by a surgeon who specializes in surgical procedures of the bones and joints called the orthopedic surgeon.

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It is the kind of surgery in which the damaged meniscus get replaced and treated. It is an important part of cartilage in the knee. In this process, doctors accept to perform an arthroscopy idea which involves making a few cuts at the affected area of the knee. And then remove the damaged portions of the meniscus.

Meniscus Transplant

This is one of the direct surgery which in which doctors just replace cartilage from the damaged meniscus with a new one from any of the donors. This is rare because even doctors can’t repair the meniscus, so it is needed to replace them with the new one.

Tendon Repair

It is referred to as the surgery which is commonly used to repair a torn or damaged tendon. Tendons are present in the knee and kind of soft tissues that connect muscles to bone. When your muscle gets a contract, then the tendons pull the bones and which helps joints to move.

In case when there is some damage in tendon, then it might become very difficult to move your knee and even the affected part may feel weak or painful. Tendon repair surgery can be so helpful for those who have tendon injuries and it is very difficult for them to move a joint or are very painful.

Partial knee replacement

As we all know that the knee has three compartments first is the medial compartment which is an inside aspect of the knee, second is the lateral compartment which is outside of the knee and the third is a patellofemoral compartment which is in front of the knee.

In the case of partial knee replacement, the surgeon will replace only the affected area of the knee. Because a partial knee replacement is contained less surgery and it is preferred easier and quicker as well. As well a the complications during surgery like blood loss and blood clots probably be less with a partial replacement

Total Knee Replacement

In the case of total knee replacement surgery, all three compartments of the knee get replaced with the new one. And the risk of complications such as blood loss and the coating is more as compared to the partial knee replacement. But the advantage of total knee replacement surgery is that it will be beneficiary for the life long and you will not have any issue with your knee in the future.

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At what age you can have knee surgery?

It is more likely and useful to have knee surgery at the starting stage and at the age when you can handle the pain and cure it. Doctors refer to go through with knee surgery at the adult age because it is quite difficult to recommend knee surgery to someone who is old.

Is there any risk with knee surgery?

Knee surgery is one of the most common surgery and in most cases, people do not experience any complications after this surgery. However, as we all know it is a surgery that comes with some risks as well as benefits.

There are rare chances of having complications but if it happens then it may include:

Stiffness of the knee: – Joint stiffness is known as the sensation of difficulty moving a joint. Joint stiffness often accompanies joint pain and/or swelling.

Infection of the wound: – Infection of the wound triggers the body’s immune response, causing inflammation and tissue damage, as well as slowing the healing process.

An individual can also have an infection of the replaced joint which may require further surgery

Internal bleeding into the knee joint

Blood clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

In few cases when the new joint is not completely stable then further surgery may be needed to correct it.

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