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Probiotics are considered healthy bacteria that are known for being beneficial to the digestive system. As per the recent research conducted by authentic administrations, it has been seen that probiotics keep your body and mouth healthy. A lot of studies have taken place proving that the probiotics that can be really beneficial for your oral health. You must understand the difference between oral probiotics and regular probiotics- the regular ones consist of bacterial tension that becomes native to your guts helping you digest well. They are consumed in shapes of capsules that are developed to fight the gastric juices and acidic pH of your digestive system. It is important for people to intake high-end quality products. When it comes to Oral probiotics, they have specific oral micro biome that comes in the form of chewable tablets and even lozenges that are beneficial. They dissolve and work their magic in your work keeping them healthy and safe from cavity creating bacteria. You can get those quality probiotic toothpastes to maintain your oral health; here are the benefits of oral probiotics…

  • Stops Plaque: Our mouth is filled with numerous kinds of bacteria and some of them cause plaque. You can also find bacteria called as Bacillus Coagulans that help combat cavity causing bacteria known as Streptococcus Mutans turning sugary items into lactic acid. Having an acidic environment in your mouth for some time leads to cavities and other mouth problems such as plaque. Having good bacteria replaces cavity causing bacterias & can really help in battling against such issues.  
  • Prevents Bad Breath: A lot of researchers have proved the fact that probiotics are healthy and help battle against bad breath. There are bacteria that aren’t healthy in your gut as well as a mouth that causes bad breath. There are some people who prefer intaking anti-microbial mouthwash or even placebos along with the probiotics. They help reduce a good amount of bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath. 
  • Enhanced Anti-Cavity Effect: One might not know but probiotic bacteria help a lot in preventing the fall in pH & balancing the remineralization process. With Xylitol and Flouride, it improves the strength of the enamel thereby decreasing the chances of cavities.
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With 200 million CFU/gm, Probiotic toothpaste are safe to use & can be used twice a day for adults. However any immuno-compromised patient/ known allergy patients should use it after consulting with your dentists. Not to be used for kids below 12 years of age.

To keep up with the oral health, you must follow these tips mentioned below regularly…

  • Brush twice a day using an Flouridated Probiotic toothpaste 
  • Floss properly 
  • Avoid consumption of excessive sugar
  • Replace the toothbrush every three to four months

For those who wish to put an end to bad breath, plaque, and cavity causing bacteria, it is important for you to follow proper directions given by your dentists. In order to keep up with oral health, you can find the best toothpaste in India at Purexa as they offer a wide range of best-in-class oral hygiene products including Probiotic toothpaste as an effective anticavity toothpaste in India. It is beneficial to use Purexa products that encompasses of natural ingredients that help keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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