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With the rapid changes in the vaping industry, manufacturers are coming with new vaping styles or devices to meet the demands of vapers. While complying with the ever-changing laws and government regulation, it makes certain vaping products trending as per the demand and availability of them. In this content, you will get to see the vaping trends of 2020 that vapers will love to know.

  • Smaller vaping device: Over time, it has become a noticeable trend that the size of the vaping devices has got reduced to become more compact and user-friendly. With the invention of new technology, most manufacturers are investing in R&D to offer vapers something compact yet powerful. You can take pod mods as an example of such devices.
  • Smartphone control: While trying to merge with innovative technologies, vaping manufacturers are working more on modern designs to impress the consumers. Did you know the latest vape devices today are controlled wirelessly through Bluetooth? The new technology allows users to integrate the vaping device with the phone, which is one of the trends setting advancement of 2020.
  • Nicotine salt: With huge popularity among the vapers, nicotine salt is also known as nic salt. You might be thinking it is a mixture of salt and some other elements. Well, it is not so! The blend of pure nicotine and different kinds of acids produces nic salt. To decrease the pH level of the nicotine solution, nic salt works in a great way that offers a smoother throat hit. People who wants to discontinue smoking find nic salt as a better and safer alternative. So, its popularity has made it appeared in the vaping trend of 2020.
  • Increased regulation: There is a lot of restrictions that came with misleading news and reports. However, the UK officials have remained firm on their statement that nothing can beat vaping to quit smoking. Though 2019 was quite a roller coaster for the vaping industry. Firstly, people were advised not to vape at all, then POTUS Donald Trump announced that the FDA would ban the flavours of e-liquid available so far. But, suddenly after that, he changed his mind to not to alienate the vaping community. The white house budget for upcoming fiscal year asked to make tobacco products independent of the FDA. However, the aim of the FDA is to trace and ban the specific products and flavours which make people addicted to smoking. So, in the 2020 trend, we can see a sensible regulatory approach like TDP regulations that govern the available e-liquid products in the UK market.
  • Caffeinated e-liquids and vaporisers: The caffeinated e-liquids and caffeine vaporisers have become popular. Instead of coffee beans, the caffeine is extracted from ingredients like taurine, guarana or ginseng. A caffeinated puff contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee that contains up to 200mg of it. Hence, you can say it is designed for people who want the daily dose of caffeine. Being abided by the TPD regulations, Voro Vape doesn’t stock any caffeinated vape liquid, but if you want to buy, there are other retailers available. When you see any UK retailer offering caffeine vapes, you should buy it more cautiously.
  • Increasing demand of the flavoured e-liquid: A number of e-liquid flavours have been banned by governing authorities. However, the increasing demand of e-liquid flavours has made some states to reconsider their decision. And, just like every year, the demand for new flavours will be in the top trends. Since the best e-liquid flavours in the UK have helped in the market growth, the 2020 trend will show the demand for the flavoured e-liquids as well.
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Even with a lot of setbacks due to a lot of regulations until last year, nothing could hold the growth of the vaping industry. Vapers have also gained a lot of awareness in the past few years about the product and technology which has let the truth emerge from fictitious news.

Stay tuned with Voro Vape and keep getting more such updates!

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