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Fun projects with candles and custom candle boxes, Latest News Adda

I love collecting different candles and custom candle boxes. In the last wave of COVID, I bought candles that helped my family in spending quality time. Being locked in homes with kids who get hyper can be stressful. But we kept the stress level low by keeping the children motivated using candles and the custom candle boxes. Ever since my five and four years old have discovered the joy of writing secret messages using candles, they can’t seem to have enough of it. The items kids need to write a secret message include;

  1. White candles
  2. Paper sheets
  3. Water paints of their choice
  4. Paintbrushes

For writing a message, white-colored candles are used as pens to write on paper. To reveal the message recipient of the message uses water paint to paint on the message directly. Due to the water-resistant attributes of the wax, it repels water. It causes the message to reveal once the paint is dry. For best results, darker shades of paint are coated over the wax. We also sorted out the old crayons and made candles out of them. However, projects like these need the supervision of an adult. Such projects are great for clarifying the concept of melting and heat in children. My kids loved the idea of making colorful candles by layering a new color on top of the old one. This activity kept them busy for about a week and significantly reduced their screen times, for which I was grateful.

Upcycling the candle packaging

As the kids are studying from home, their stationery items are scattered everywhere. I wanted them to collect their books and stationery after studying and put them neatly into their place. I knew I had to get them involved in a project, somehow that motivates them to collect their stationery items. So I did a little research online and went ahead with upcycling the printed candle boxes, I asked my kids to collect three candle boxes packaging boxes of their choice from my collection. We cut off the top lid of these boxes to convert them into pencil holders. We also used;

  1. Colorful buttons
  2. Ribbons
  3. Laces
  4. Fabric
  5. Gift wrapping paper
  6. Pearls and other related items to adorn these pencil holders.
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We layered the exterior of the printed candle boxes with fabric and gift-wrapping paper. My daughter made a tree using a glue gun and fabric in brown and green. She even attached red beads as apples to these trees. It sits on her desk now, and she proudly collects all her pencils and erasers after studying in this holder. There were several candle boxes packaging boxes that needed no embellishment at all. These were printed in bold and beautiful visual content. Add-ons like foil stamping and Spot UV add to the attraction of this content.

Ordering custom candle boxes

Manufacturers of candle boxes in USA have come up with inventive layouts in custom candle packaging boxes. We chose them according to the packaging requirements of the candles. They packed the heavier ones in the boxes into which they are slid easily. They packed the smaller ones in boxes in which I can place easily them. If you are a candle brand worried about packaging boxes, then you need to get in touch with ClipnBox and make the most of their inventive and functional layouts. Enjoy their high-quality printing and packaging services at affordable rates. Confirm your orders and enjoy reduced rates against your orders.

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