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How Customized Gift Boxes Makes your Gifts Special Event, Latest News Adda

Boxes are just folding paper that takes the shape of a package. Once it is customized by professionals or at home, it can be easily used as gift boxes on various occasions. These boxes are also available in the market in different measurements and designs. You can also utilize them at different rates as gift boxes wholesale price.

Customization brings a new look to the product and gives it a new identity and shape. It provides you with various options in color, shape, design, and patterns. At different stores, many gift boxes are readily available for upcoming occasions.

There are different materials for gift boxes:

Depending on which one you like to have for your gift box.

  • Carton material
  • Plastic material
  • Glass material
  • wood material

Carton material is usually used in the manufacturing of gift boxes wholesale. These boxes are available in different sizes ranging from small, medium, large. They are printed with vibrant colors and wishes for upcoming occasions and events. There are variations of carton materials, such as paperboard, Kraft /corrugated, rigid, bux board.

The paper board material is customarily used as cereal or biscuit boxes as thin and unsuitable for heavy products. It is a flexible material that can be molded into any shape and size. The printing results on these boxes are clear and precise.

Kraft and corrugated material are usually used in the manufacturing of gift boxes. It is a highly defined material with excellent printing results. Due to its eco-friendly attribute, it is highly recommended in business. Kraft is a soft material which can be shaped the way customer like or want it to be. They are printed with vibrant colors and attractive designs on them. There are different styles and shapes available in these boxes depending on the customer preferences and choices. Other display gift boxes are manufactured with Kraft/corrugated material.

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How Customized Gift Boxes Makes your Gifts Special Event, Latest News Adda

Rigid and bux board are thick and robust material boxes. They are used as primary packaging of expensive and fragile products like perfumes, watches, crystal decorative pieces. You can use these packaging boxes as gift boxes because they are made with excellent quality and attractive designs and patterns. Many of these boxes have linings and cushions inside them to keep the product safe from scratches during transportation and set on the shelf of a store.

There is a variety of plastic gift boxes. Plastic is a bit expensive than carton material. Usually, they are transparent, and you can pack them with different attractive and beautiful wrapping sheets, or you can decorate the box directly by adding stickers, beads, and other accessories.

Custom gift boxes of plastic material are easy to work with. You can add compartments and extra linings to your package. A box with different cases in it helps you organize your things as well. An excellent example of such gift boxes is ornament boxes with single or separate compartments in them. Such containers are best used for birthday and baby shower events to fill each case with different sweets and blessing fruits. The plastic used in these boxes is a food-grade quality which does not affect the freshness of the food or its quality. You can also add small gifts like jewelry and decorative pieces to make your gift special despite sweets.

Glass gift boxes are also available in the market. Still, they are not very common in use as glass is a fragile material that needs a lot of care and attention during manufacturing, loading, and unloading. Its delicate material increases the risk of breakage during transportation and shipping.

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Wood gift boxes are not very common in use. They available in different sizes are used for special occasions for gifting. These wood gift boxes are expensive and are made on-demand. These boxes are beautifully carved with different designs and patterns. Usually, these boxes keep their original brown color, but many like to have a colorful gift box. These boxes are available in different measurements, small, medium, large. Leading companies use these boxes to present them to their associates and colleagues.

Benefits of custom gift boxes

  • With customization, you can make a box precisely what the customer wants and like to have. It provides various options to decorate and designs the package according to the needs and customers’ preferences.
  • Customization provides your product with a unique identity which helps it to heighten its visibility and brand name. Special packaging is much more attractive than standard packaging. According to a study, an average of eight percent of people is attracted to a product due to its unique packaging. Unique packaging makes your product an effective marketing tool that represents your brand name on every platform.
  • Custom boxes are not only attractive and beautiful, but they are solid and robust to keep your product safe during transportation and shipping. They keep the product intact in its place to avoid getting damage.

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