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Google My Business is a valuable Local Marketing tool for businesses that want to be found by new potential customers in a specific location, building their presence on Google.

What is Google My Business and how does it work? Let’s try to understand it together in this post.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free dashboard in which business owners can enter valuable information for users who search on Google (including Google Maps) for the services or products that the company offers. Be found by new customers and track potential customers.

The first thing to do is to make an optimized card. This means entering all the important information for the business and doing it in a way that is attractive to users and useful for Google like done for Video Production Company In Dubai.

It is essential to detail the information relating to the commercial offer that customers will find, the days and times of opening and closing, the contacts to which they can contact to request information or to book, an exhaustive description of the company, formatted in a attractive, which includes the keywords of your interest and which contains within the links that strategically refer to certain pages of your website.

The choice of the images with which you complete your Google My Business card is also fundamental. The first rule is to choose high-quality images that tell you and your business in a distinctive and engaging way.

My advice is to opt for the logo, for the profile image and for a cover image that tells a specific situation or a top product.

Equally important is the posting activity, i.e. planning, drafting and publishing posts with which to tell your business, attract users, engage them, passionate and cherish them.

The posts, to be attractive, it is good that they contain images and copies and that over time they develop the story of the company, its daily activities, the staff and employees involved, the relationship with customers, the innovations introduced and the successes achieved .

How Google My Business works

The first step to creating (or claiming) a Google My Business card is to create a Google Account, after which you will need to go to the Google My Business page and start creating your card.

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After clicking on Try Now, at the top right, you will have to enter the following information:

  • The name of your business;
  • The full address (which you can hide if yours is not a local business such as a shop);
  • Possible delivery area for products and services;
  • The type of business;
  • Contact information, including your website address.

Registration is now complete but you will need to verify your Google My Business listing. How to do? You have to choose a verification method (usually sending the postcard) and then click Send if you want Google to send you the postcard containing the verification code.

Consider that time is not short and if you have problems, try contacting customer support. What to do in the meantime? Two things:

  1. Pray that the postcard will arrive or that customer service will reply to you;
  2. Make your Google My Business listing attractive with a strategic posting activity.

When the postcard has arrived, enter the verification code in the form and click on Verify.

Google My Business reviews

Reviews are a very important peculiarity of Google My Business as they are valuable reputation and branding tools and represent a very strong motivational push for potential customers who, once they get to your card, will read and listen to the experiences that other users have lived with your business and right now they will most likely decide whether to rely on you or not.

For this it is essential:

  • Always respond to the reviews you receive, both positive and above all negative (and only verified activities can);
  • Develop a strategy that invites your customers to write an interesting review on your Google My Business listing.

The power of free and disinterested promotion (because this is the reviews after all) is a precious resource for your business.

Google My Business statistics

Google My Business holds another important opportunity for you. By accessing Statistics, you will have a series of useful data and metrics to optimize your Local Marketing strategy and the acquisition of new potential customers.

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The main data you can analyze on Google My Business are:

  • How customers search for your business, i.e. whether through direct search (customers who found your listing by searching by business address or name) or by discovery (customers who found your listing by searching a category, a product or a service);
  • Where customers see your business on Google, if through a search made on Google or if they reach you through the tab on Google Maps;
  • The actions that customers perform on your My Business card: visits to your website, requests for directions, telephone calls. This information is analyzed first in a general overview and then individually, in detail;
  • The photo views and the amount of photos posted, also analyzed in relation to activities similar to yours.

Google My Business: have you activated your listing?

Do you have a business? In your Digital Marketing strategy, did you plan to activate the Google My Business card? And do you update it regularly?

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