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One of the most popular games Counter Strike Global Offensive has been winning hearts, ever since its inception in 2012.  When Valve developed Counter strike, it instantly became a hit; followed by other series that were undeniably alluring and intriguing. CSGO is the most widely played game online, as well as offline. CSGO is an FPS gaming that consists of two teams, pitting against each other. One is Terrorist and the other would be Counter Terrorist; both have different tasks to fulfill. The terrorist would plant the bombs, and the Counter Terrorists would have to find the location of the planted bomb and prevent them from happening. You will be introduced with certain missions that need to be completed in order to move onto the next level. The tasks include: defusal of bombings, freeing the captives, fortifying a location, or capturing a spot. You can buy csgo smurf accounts from any csgo store. Furthermore, the game has 9 modes; each of them consists of different tasks that have to be completed. 

And, after you have reached the matchmaking phase, the game starts becoming more intense and interesting! The matchmaking process enhances a players gaming experience, altogether.

What is CSGO Prime Account?

Prime Account allows a player to have a smooth matchmaking experience. Initially, Valve made it only for those who had bought CSGO earlier before Valve made it free to play. In order to have a prime account, a player must reach PR 21 or attain a silver medal. For making things easy you can buy csgo prime account to upgrade your level to PR 21. 

What is a CSGO Smurf Account?

A csgo smurf account helps other players get an easy win against lower ranked players, who have just joined the game. A smurf account is an alternative account created by the pro players. Mostly, Smurf accounts are used to enhance a player’s skills; professionals like to use a smurf account so that they could practice and advance their skills within the game. It sometimes can be a little frustrating if seen from a newbie’s perspective, but we can’t say much about it since it is completely legal. Smurf accounts are a way to have fun when you’re tired of all those serious rounds that need to be surpassed. You can purchase either of them: Prime accounts, or a smurf account.

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How CSGO Prime and Smurf Accounts Help a Player?

A csgo prime accounts and smurf account’s benefits go hand in hand. A prime account comes with numerous advantages that helps alleviate the matchmaking process. While, smurf accounts help in developing your skills. This way, if you lack skills in your gaming, you can always choose a Smurf account to improve your skills and be better at playing.

How to Get CSGO Account?

At buycsgorank you can buy csgo accounts at a much cheaper price range. However, if you are worrying about the quality of accounts in their websites- don’t! They offer quality accounts to their customers at a reasonable price range. With a cheap csgo account, you also obtain a high trust factor, which will assist in getting you a fight with the same skilled player.

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Buycsgorank proffers 24×7 live chat support; if any issue arises, you can quickly contact their chat support, and you may receive a response shortly. At buycsgorank you really get what you see; obviously, you will need to put your trust in them, in order to try their products to see if what we are claiming about them are apparently true?! Furthermore, their payment gateway is completely safe, they ensure that your personal details are completely fortified from the third parties.


Alas, we can only conclude that both prime and smurf accounts help heighten your gameplay. You can purchase them at cheaper rates from stores that deal at a reasonable rate. These accounts are proven to be very helpful for players and delivers an enthralling experience for both professionals and newbies.

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