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How much RAM do you really need in mobiles for gaming purpose?, Latest News Adda

Gaming has become all the rage, and smartphone users today want good gaming smartphones. However, how much RAM do you need in a good gaming device? We try to find a solution to this frequently asked question.

Two decades ago, the only game one could play using their mobile device was the ever-popular, but comparatively archaic ‘Snake’ game. Today, however, smartphones can boast about being able substitutes for gaming consoles.

Gone are the days when kids used to carry their PSPs and other handheld gaming devices, as they can now download graphics-intensive games on their mobile phones. With the gaming industry witnessing unprecedented growth over the past couple of years, smartphone brands were quick to realize the industry’s potential and started offering gaming smartphones that come with dedicated GPUs.

These smartphones are unique, as they flaunt impressive displays with high refresh rates and resolution, while the screens are often large to provide users with an immersive gaming experience. Additionally, these smartphones also house massive batteries, along with faster processors. Another integral component that is essential to the proper functioning of a gaming smartphone is its RAM.

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How much RAM does a gaming smartphone require?

Imagine a scenario where you’re playing a graphics-intensive game, and you have to attend an important call or send an important text message. At that point, you will pause your game, switch applications, and get on a call, or send a message.

Without adequate RAM size, you won’t be able to return to where you had left the game. This is because the application runs in the background, which requires a decent amount of RAM. Otherwise, the application closes, and you will miss out on the progress you’ve made.

This is why gaming smartphones usually have at least 6GB RAM. A good 6GB RAM mobile phone that is also an excellent gaming phone is Realme Narzo 20 Pro. Other excellent gaming phones like the Asus ROG Phone 5, OnePlus 8 Pro, and Realme X7 Pro all have at least 6GB RAM, while their high-end variants have up to 12GB RAM.

Can you do heavy gaming on 4GB RAM phones?

4GB RAM phones are best suited for basic gaming purposes. However, if you want to enjoy heavy gaming, it is important that you opt for at least a 6GB RAM mobile phone, while experts advise smartphone users to choose an 8GB RAM phone to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Inadequate RAM size can have disastrous consequences, as your apps begin to crash, while your smartphone starts to lag.

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Today, you get decently priced 6GB RAM mobile phones which allow you to play games like PUBG and Fortnite without any hassles. Some of the best 6GB RAM mobile phones include:

Samsung Galaxy F62

How much RAM do you really need in mobiles for gaming purpose?, Latest News Adda

Samsung Galaxy F62 (Laser Blue, 6GB RAM, 128GB Storage)

Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy F62 smartphone, and by all accounts, it is one of the best smartphones you can purchase for less than Rs. 25,000. Its 6.7-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display, Exynos 9826 processor clocking at 2.7GHz, along with a dedicated Mali G76 GPU, and a revolutionary 7,000mAh battery make this smartphone one of the best gaming devices you can find in the market today.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

How much RAM do you really need in mobiles for gaming purpose?, Latest News Adda

Redmi Note 9 (Arctic White, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) – 48MP Quad Camera & Full HD+ Display

Delivering on the brand’s ethos of offering powerful smartphones at affordable prices, the Redmi Note 9 Pro comes with the mid-range Snapdragon 720G chipset, along with the Adreno 618 GPU, with the dedicated GPU enhancing your gaming experience.

The smartphone also flaunts a 6.67-inch display, which offers an immersive gaming experience, and this 6GB RAM mobile phone also packs a powerful 5,020mAh battery underneath the back panel, which assures you of countless hours of uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Samsung Galaxy M51

How much RAM do you really need in mobiles for gaming purpose?, Latest News Adda

Yet another Samsung smartphone that makes the list of the best gaming smartphones with 6GB RAM is the Samsung Galaxy M51. Similar to the Galaxy F62, the Galaxy M51 model sports a massive 7,000mAh battery under the hood, while being powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset.

This device flaunts a 6.7-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display, which offers an engrossing gaming experience, while the phone comes with a 25W charger, which powers up the phone in quick time.

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Thus, 4GB RAM smartphones are good enough for light gaming, but if you are serious about your gaming sessions, and want your smartphone to be able to offer excellent performance, then it is imperative that you opt for at least 6GB RAM mobile phone. Most of the consumers choose 8GB RAM mobiles to be on the safe side, and that is just about the RAM size you would ever need.

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