Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

With more and more businesses getting into Instagram, increasing authentic followers has become really tough these days. The Instagram algorithms are also changing day to days which also adds up to the pressure. In this article, we will see how to increase your followers count with real people.

Post consistently

It is very important to post content consistently on Instagram. Making it a habit to post fresh content daily is the first best thing to do to gain more followers. As simple as that, the more content you publish, then more likes and shares your content receives provided you post quality. Instagram is a visual platform and people stay engaged with good quality content. The main perk of posting consistently at the right times is brand identity which is a green signal indicating that you are active on Instagram paving the way to establish a strong presence on Instagram. If you are the one posting content regularly but still lacking the required amount of engagement, you could buy automatic Instagram likes for your content to boost more organic engagement and retain it permanently. 

Manually posting at the right times is something you might miss at point of time. So you could go for third party scheduling tools available in the market to automate posting content. But remember that you need an Instagram business account to access these scheduling tools. By employing these scheduling tools, you can post at the best times when your audiences are most active. Weekday mornings and early afternoons are the right times to post if you are a brand anticipating more engagement rate. When you have more engagement rate, Instagram algorithm considers you  to make your content more popular among the social media platform and gets your content to the eyeballs of new followers.

Encourage Conversations & Be Responsive

Another thing that accounts a lot to increase followers is your activity on your Instagram profile. Just posting content and keeping quiet without any interactions and failing to respond to comments will not help as far as increasing followers count is concerned. Also remember that you have to interact the same way with followers and non-followers without showing any difference.  Recent research studies show that more than 75% of consumers follow a brand to engage with them on social media. Apart from starting conversations, you need to respond to followers’ comments to make them understand the concern you have for them.  Tagging customers’ photos is another strategy you could use to balance content and profile engagement and gain new followers.

Write Appealing Captions

It is normal for people to follow brand accounts on Instagram, but you need to post content rich in creativity to engage them for a longer time. Adding attractive Instagram captions to your posts is a great way to get more visibility for your content and the following are some of the caption formats which you could use to capture more viewers:

  • Question based posts
  • Personal stories
  • Photo-sharing posts
  • Tag-a-friend posts
  • Recommendation requests

Making the best use of captions is the most effective way to encourage more interaction to happen beneath your posts. You can also try putting a combination of captions to capture more viewers for the visuals you post.

Optimize Your Instagram Bio

The bio is one of the important things that most people who come to visit your profile for the first time might want to take a look at.  So your bio plays a major role in making people click the “Follow” button. A clear profile image, a link to your website in your bio and a bio without jargons.


All you need to know is that getting followers cannot happen overnight. You need to take some proactive steps to get more followers coming in.

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