Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022

The Coronavirus Pandemic has paused the international traffic for long. For the first time in the history of mankind, the tiniest virus of 400 microns has created so much impact that most of the international flights are canceled. For that reason, the immigration process is also taking a halt due to the lockdown.

However, people are considering that we have to live with this virus until there will be a vaccine. And for that, many countries are planning to start international flights. Along with that, the immigration process will also be started soon. In reality, the world may not look the same. You have to take so many precautions to avoid the contamination of Coronavirus.

Along with all the immigration rules and regulations, the Covid-19 situation will be added. Whenever you visit the Best Immigration Agents in Delhi, you have to make sure about the present situation of the country where you intend to migrate.

As we have said that the world economy has gone down, the scope of immigration will be limited. Many leading countries are now not in that stable position to start the migration program. If your visa already approved and you need to move there post-lockdown, then here are some tips that will help you in this situation.

Tips to Immigrate To Other Countries Post Lockdown:

  • Have a thorough check-up: Before you start packing, you need a thorough medical check-up along with the Covid test. To fly any other country, you need to have a Covid-19 Negative certificate so that there will be no scope of infection from you to other people.
  • Check with immigration agent: If you are consulting with the Best Immigration Agents in Delhi then you have to check with them whether the country has any special rule. As a responsible agent, they will be aware of all the new rules of the country.
  • Follow All The Rules: Most likely, every country will follow the 14 days quarantine for every international flier. So, after getting into the country, strictly follow the rules of quarantine so that you will not have any hassle in the future. During the travel time, you have to use masks and gloves and take all the precautionary measures to stay away from the disease.   
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