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The age of horsemen and battle soldiers might be overtaken with tanks and guns, but the allure of ancient weapons remain. Axes are one of the first weapons ever made by the Early men and they have been in use ever since. Of course, with time the connotations of these weapons have changed; much like the Tomahawk Axe.

What Is A Throwing Axe?

Also known as the tomahawk axe, this legendary weapon was used by the first nation’s people of Native Americans. They evolved from the traditional iron and bronze axes created by early humans during the New Stone Age. With time, people have adapted to modern techniques and with that tools such as the axe have also changed. But no matter what changes, cool axes will still be a thing of fascination for collectors.

What Is The Different Between An Axe And A Tomahawk?

  • A throwing axe is smaller than a full-length axe, which makes it easier to throw from a distance.
  • Ideally, a tomahawk has a round eye whereas an axe is more triangular in its blade shape. 
  • It has a curved blade and a flat sheen so that it has better aerodynamics. 
  • Tomahawks are hand-held tools that were originally used in farming and hunting. 
  • Nowadays, throwing axes has become a major sport, like archery.

Is Axe Throwing Safe?

  • As a sport, it is quite safe, as people train to throw axes with precision at set targets. 
  • Depending on your skill level you can learn to throw axes as safely as possible. 
  • In a proper setting suited to axe throwing there are proper gated lanes allotted to each trainee. 
  • In the other sense of using them as woodwork or farming tools, the experience is again important. 
  • A throwing axe isn’t used in mainstream farming, due to change in technology, but is preferred in traditional agricultural practices.
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What Is A Good Throwing Axe?

If you’re a collector, then there are a few things that you should keep in mind. The best axe will have two major features;

  • A durable and strong blade
  • A sturdy wooden or fibre handle. 

Keep in mind that in order for throwing axes to be efficient and swift, they have to weigh as less as possible. For this to happen, the materials used have to be top-notch as well as easy to use. There are some online retailers that have awesome axes for sale. You should go online and search for the best axes near you and you will get a flood of options to choose from. Here are some top collectible axes available online:

  • 10.5 Inch MTech Black Ninja Throwing Axe Hatchet;
    this sombre design goes well with the double-edged black steel blade. This is a tactical axe, purposely built for throwing and target practice. It is also a viable tool for camping and survival training.
  • Z-Hunter 13.5 Inch Overall Double Headed Tactical Throwing Axe;
    this crazy design is definitely a high feature on the collectible list. The fanned out double-edged blades of this axe are fixed to a bright green handle. The zombie hunter classical design adds a much-appreciated twist for collectors.  
  • Red Indian Smoking Peace Axe with Feather Pendant;
    for the lovers of traditional themes and original designs, this axe is perfect. It has a feather detail and a sleek finish, which would look amazing on your weapon wall. The wood handle is also adorned with studs and the thick stainless steel guarantees durability. 
  • Elk Ridge Outdoor Hunting Axe Hatchet;
    this small axe can take on big challenges. Ideally used for hunting animals, this axe is your best friend in the great outdoors. It has a curved comfortable, cord-wrapped handle that allows for better grip.
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How Much Does A Throwing Axe Cost?

Usually, there are varied prices depending on where you are located. In some of the southern states of the U.S., there is a greater possibility of these axes still being used. But if you’re into throwing axes as a sport, then you can very well buy them in your area on request. There must be multiple stores and online communities that deal with novelty items like the tomahawk axe.

On average, if you want to buy throwing axes in local shops or specialized dealers, you’ll get them for $600 to $1000. But for someone who wants to use them for sport or collection, that’s a lot of money to throw on one item. Ideally, the same quality in cheap axes is available from online retailers that have a large variety and market compatible prices.

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