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Increase Your Instagram Engagement With 6 Ultimate Tips, Latest News Adda

There are two factors for success on Instagram. The first thing is finding out what type of content to post. The second thing is increasing your engagement with your followers. Like any other social network, increasing engagement will take more time, effort, and good strategy. 

To help strategize your Instagram, we give the six ultimate tips to increase your brand engagement. 

  1. Use Relevant #Hashtags

The most important piece to the success of Instagram was hashtags. They link to other accounts, and they are public. It means you can automatically share your brands with thousands of other accounts on Instagram. Anyone can view your post if they search with a particular hashtag that you have used along with other posts. 

For example, #love is the most popular hashtag used on Instagram. It has 900 million posts. 

So many hashtags you want. Also, create your own hashtags. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. But you have to make sure that your hashtags are related and relevant to your post and content. 

  1. Caption Your Image 

The first thing people see on Instagram is photos. Always make equal importance for your caption also. Because your followers look after your photo, they will look at your caption. A good caption will decide your post is getting hundreds of likes or none. 

Many advertising experts say shorter is always better, but it completely depends on what works better for your followers in the point of view of Instagram. Test with various lengths of hashtags and check which works better for you. 

  1. Follow, Like, and comment
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One of the easy ways to gain followers and increase your engagement is by following, liking, commenting as much as possible. Every time you do this, that person or brand will get a notification with your logo. It is an easy way of getting brand awareness. Out of common courtesy, they will likely follow you back. It is one way. 

Another way of getting more engagement is acquiring Instagram impressions. Impressions make your post more popular among your customers. It will also give an advantage of getting more likes and followers. 

  1. Don’t forget Call To Action (CTA) 

Always include Call To Action. Without CTA, you are lettering your followers to remain submissive when you want them to be active. You can add it as a text in your caption or image. Few different examples of call to action are:

  • Ask your followers to double-tap your image (it will give like for your post)
  • Send people to the live link in your bio.
  • Ask followers to tag someone in the comment (it will increase your number of comments)
  1. Connect Your Other Social Media Accounts 

From Instagram, you can easily share your posts to other social media networks. If you post on Instagram, it will automatically post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Flicker by connecting your accounts. It is known as cross-promoting. The benefit of posting this is, it will tell all your followers that you are using Instagram. So from that platform, they can know you and follow you on Instagram too. 

  1. Post at the right time
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For business profiles, Instagram recently adds “Insights.” Using that, you can easily track your impressions, reach, demographics, top-performing posts, and what times of day they are more active—finding the right time when your followers are most active and post on that time. It will give you a higher engagement. 

Summing up

To truly connect and engage with your audience, you must follow these six ultimate tips. No matter how the networks evolve, you can keep those likes comments coming for your post. It is the right time to keep engaging followers by having these tips in your hand. 

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