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Reasons to invest in a Tinder Clone App amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Latest News Adda

The social distancing era pushes people to go digital. When people are almost 100% reliant on the virtual medium, even for their jobs, why not take dating to the next level? Millennials are already acquainted with dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, etc. With the onset of Coronavirus pandemic, in-person dates are out of the picture. Smartphones have already become inevitable. For people in self-isolation for months, a lovely date with a partner on the weekend over the virtual medium, isn’t too much to ask. 

The smartphone app industry is among the very few industries that are thriving and are making lives simple. Entrepreneurs looking to make a potential investment needn’t have second thoughts about investing in dating apps. In this blog, let’s look at why entrepreneurs should invest in a Tinder Clone App

The fear of contracting the Coronavirus 

You cannot neglect the COVID-19, not even during conversations. One of the popular dating apps, OkCupid, saw a 188% increase in Coronavirus mentions on profiles between January and February alone. Needless to say, there would be a spike in numbers following the lockdown. When there is no cure yet discovered for the virus, the best thing to do is prevent the contraction in the first place. 

Besides, what’s the point of hanging out for a cup of coffee when you can’t hug or even shake hands? Virtual platforms are safe, easily accessible, and reliable. The popular dating platform, Say Allo, witnessed a 350% increase in the app’s video date feature following the pandemic’s onset. 

The risk of contracting the virus is a significant reason why people will incline towards online dating platforms. When people are adapting, it’s high time entrepreneurs make the most out of the situation by launching a dating app. 

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The ‘new’ normal focuses on the virtual medium 

You can identify the magnitude of the situation when multi-national organizations are turning towards remote-working possibilities. With favorable work from home options, you cannot expect people to access the external environment, especially to visit a person. Besides, the online platform for dating is convenient for people. Dating apps are coming up with so many enticing features to make the atmosphere more lively. 

The video dating feature has inevitably made the process more entertaining. Besides, a date scheduler feature to aid people to schedule their dates well in advance can come in handy. An in-app chat feature will help people to get to know each other better. 

Coping with the situation involves coming up with new ideas. Instead of crying over spilled milk, people must carry on their lives and adapt to the ‘new’ normal. A dating app with cutting-edge features is bound to succeed amid this unforeseen situation. 

Stress relievers, love, and cure are the need of the hour 

People’s minds are constantly revolving around the number of infected cases, the death rate, etc. A dating platform can significantly help in easing the tension in the air. Moreover, a change in mindset from time-to-time can enhance the productivity of individuals. People can find the right partner with these dating apps, establish communication, and enjoy their lives. Dating apps are proving this old quote right, ‘relationships and love know no boundaries.’ 

This standstill world needs to get on with its routine. A shift towards the virtual medium is a positive sign for the people worldwide. 

These three reasons stand testament to the fact that dating apps can gain the limelight amid the pandemic situation. 

Watch out for top-notch clone scripts 

It takes a minimum of 3-5 months to develop an app right from scratch. Entrepreneurs needn’t wait that long, nor do they have to make hefty investments. With the advent of clone app solutions, launching a dating app has become a cakewalk. All entrepreneurs have to do is to compare and analyze multiple dating app scripts and identify the best-suited dating app clone script. A best-in-class dating app will encompass various facets like, 

  • Stand-apart features
  • User-friendly UI/UX
  • Seamless workflow
  • The latest tech-stack 
  • Pocket-friendly budget, etc. 
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Here are some features worth considering 

The app’s features can make a lot of difference to the user experience, registering a firm position in people’s smartphones. Let’s look at some of the unique features that can make the dating app stand apart here, 

  • Locality-based matches: Users get to know profiles in and around their locality with this feature. 
  • Gender-based matches: Users can filter matches based on their gender interest with this feature. 
  • Discovery toggle: Users can switch between their availability with this toggle feature. They appear on people’s matches only if they turn on their availability. 
  • Rewind feature: Users can revisit the profiles of a particular session with this feature. 

Wrapping up, 

Dating apps like Tinder have already made a mark for itself in the flourishing sector. COVID-19 pandemic appears to be a blessing in disguise for the app industry, with people inclining more towards apps. Entrepreneurs needn’t hesitate to modify the Tinder Clone script and launch the app instantly. With such fitting reasons and vast market scope, the dating app industry is set to flourish for years to come! 

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