Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

iPhone market in India is huge and people from every age group owns one. Apple is one of the most high-end phone brands and hence, iPhones are costly as well. Any damage/loss or theft of your iPhone can be financially a big problem and that is why having a phone protection plan is extremely important.  

Be it fixing a broken screen or covering damages or replacing your iPhone, Apple iPhone protection plan can protect your mobile phone at affordable premiums. Damages can be of several types and buying a new iPhone each time could be costlier than the price incurred in its repair which can be financially challenging. So, why not keep your pocket secure in case of any harm to this heavily priced gadget. 

While buying an iPhone, people refrain from buying iPhone insurance cover thinking that it is of no use. However, this is not true, owing to the several reasons that we have listed below:

  1. iPhone mobile insurance provides cover for not just screen damage but also lost phone: iPhone insurance from Apple offers a warranty for a period of 1 year and tech support for a period of 90 days. With buying AppleCare+ you can have extended hardware warranty for a period of two years. But this does not provide any coverage against lost iPhone. It is applicable only for screen damage. This is where insurance companies offer better iphone insurance with coverage for not just screen damage but also lost phone at affordable premiums. 
  2. iPhone mobile insurance comes in different variants: You need not buy an iPhone insurance plan that offers screen damage cover, mobile theft cover, replacement of stolen iPhone, Tech support and other benefits all-in-one. You can always choose your plan based on your preference. For instance, if you do not need tech support you can choose a different plan with lesser premiums. This makes your iPhone insurance cover affordable and provides the necessary benefits. 
  3. Insuring your iPhone for repair or replacement gives you the peace of mind: iPhones are high-end phones and can range anything between Rs. 50,000- Rs. 130,000. This implies that if the phone breaks or damage, it is a major financial loss. So, with an iPhone insurance plan you can have the peace of mind that even if something happens to your iPhone, it is still insured and can be easily repaired or replaced if needed. 
  4. Cost of fixing can be higher than actual cost of the phone: As mentioned above, sometimes the cost of repairing an iPhone can go equivalent to that of the phone itself or in worst cases even higher. In such cases, if you have an insurance cover you will save a whole lot of money just by paying small premiums. This can also be an investment for your future. 
  5. There can be more than one claim within a year: In case you damage your phone, you can still have it covered based on your iPhone insurance policy. Several policies offer coverage for iPhone damage for 2-3 times in a year. This is what makes you feel secure once you have a phone insurance cover for apple. 
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iPhones are not just smartphones but an asset that must be ensured for your own financial security. There are several plans that you can chose from based on your preference and keep your gadget safe and increase its life span. Apple iPhones are not something that people generally want to get rid of soon, so having an insurance cover will only help you continue to enjoy the amazing features of the phone without the fear of paying for its damage. Like we say, better safe than sorry! 

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