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Key Signs Representing a Healthy Personality, Latest News Adda

Life expectancy in India in 2020, while still below the global average, currently stands at 69.27 years. The average life expectancy in the country has typically been on the rise, since a decade ago, when the number stood at 65.53 years. This boost can be due to several reasons, the most crucial being the availability of better healthcare services. 

Nonetheless, despite an improvement in the quality of healthcare available in the country, ailments like lifestyle diseases are also on a steady rise. It is because the symptoms of such diseases alongside others are not that easily detectable. That is why each individual must take note of the signs in their body that are indicative of good health. If these signs seem skewed or amiss, it’s advisable to seek medical care immediately. Thankfully, with the increasing availability of healthcare at home, availing medical assistance has become more convenient.

Following is a Look at The Signs That Indicate an Individual is Healthy.

  1. Proper waist circumference

While previously Body Mass Index or BMI was considered one of the reliable measures of gauging one’s health, it is steadily becoming obsolete. Instead, medical professionals are opting to take an individual’s waist circumference as an indicator of his/her health. It is because, most of the times, unwanted fat tends to accumulate around an individual’s waist, and even those with a normal BMI might face this problem. 

Thus, those with an increased waist circumference than ideal are at a higher risk of being exposed to obesity-linked diseases. An ideal waist circumference, however, differs with an individual’s physical build. One must thus consider this factor when assessing waist circumference.

  1. Regulated sleep cycle

Sleep is a process through which the body rejuvenates and repairs itself. That is why those with a regulated sleep cycle, i.e., those who subsequently feel well-rested and energised on waking up are considered to be on the healthier side of the spectrum. 

A lack of proper sleep puts individuals at high risk of weight gain, heart diseases, diabetes, and an overall decrease in life expectancy.

  1. Thick and lustrous hair

Thick hair on the scalp with proper growth is one of the key indicators of overall good health. Hair is nourished by the key components of an individual’s diet, including vitamin, protein and healthy fat. Thus, lustrous hair points towards a well-balanced diet, indicating well-maintained healthcare at home. In this regard, if an individual finds his/her hair becoming thin, brittle and dry, it could point towards several health issues like stress, hyperthyroidism, etc.

  1. Regulated bowel movements
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Individuals must take note of their daily bowel movements to keep track of how healthy they are. Since the gastrointestinal function of each individual is unique to his/her physiology, there is no definite way of measuring which type of bowel movement is indicative of good health. Individuals should, thus, take note of any irregularity in their daily bowel movement pattern. If such irregularities persist, it could form the base for various physiological risk factors to develop.

  1. A healthy menstrual cycle for women

When it comes to healthcare at home one of the typical signs of something wrong with a woman’s health manifests as an irregular menstrual cycle. It could mean a hormonal imbalance or even more severe conditions like cancer. Women should, as a result, always be aware of their menstrual cycles as an indicator of their well-being.

Apart from these, one should keep track of functions like his/her blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, since these are primary indicators of one’s physical well-being.

Furthermore, individuals can also generate their ‘Health Score’ through healthcare management platforms like the Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app to gain a better insight into how healthy they are.

How does the health score of HealthRx serve as a health barometer?

HealthRx is a one-stop destination for a plethora of services related to one’s health. Individuals can easily receive healthcare at home through this app, which include tracking down nearest doctors, making appointments, storing health records, etc.

One of the most noted benefits is that it presents users the opportunity to evaluate their health in 5 minutes, through a quick test comprising questions related to one’s diet, sleeping pattern, drinking and smoking habits, mental and physical health, etc.

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Once the evaluation is complete, the app generates a score based on the answers provided, which effectively allows one to know how healthy he/she is.

With the assessment from this app in his/her stead, one can choose to avail medical care if the health score is less than desirable. In this regard, one can utilise the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card to convert his/her healthcare bills into easy, No-Cost EMIs and make availing healthcare more affordable.

The health EMI card is a handy digital financial tool that helps to foot the medical bills generated from over 800 medical treatments. The health card benefits also encompass its pan-India availability in more than 5,500 of the NBFC’s partner medical facilities across 1,000+ cities. One can avail the card against a nominal, one-time payment of Rs.707, and pay for healthcare expenses of both self and family.

Thus, with the combined benefits proffered by the HealthRx app and the health care, individuals can avail healthcare at home affordably. They can not only eliminate the chances of advanced medical facilities becoming a burden on their finances but also book for them right from their home.

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