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 For the wired network, the Ethernet cable is a very common component as the network cable. It is used to connect devices like computers, routers, and switches within the local area network. For many years, the Ethernet LAN Cable is being used to carry a good network signal. However, people complain of bad network signal in case the cable is too long or the material is poor. To overcome these shortcomings, different types of Ethernet cables are developed to accomplish some specific tasks. 

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How does the Ethernet cable look?

There are so many types of cables available in the market. To identify the Ethernet cable, the easiest way to look for the wire that looks like a telephone cable. The plug and the shape of the cable are almost similar. Only the difference is the buy hdmi Cable has eight wires whereas the phone cable has four. The size of the connector of Ethernet cable is also larger than the phone cable. Another important point is that the phone cable is usually of grey color but the Ethernet cable is available in different colors. 

The port of the Ethernet cable is larger than the phone cable port. The Ethernet port on the computer is accessible through the Ethernet card of the motherboard. You will find the port on the backside of the CPU of the desktop computer or side panel of the laptop. 

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How many types of Ethernet Cable are available?

There are many types of Ethernet Cable as per the industry standard that includes Category 5 and Category 6. You can hear that the technicians and the hardware stores often call them the Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet LAN Cables. 

There are two basic forms of Ethernet Cables:

  • The first one is the solid Ethernet cables that are known for its excellent performance and the scope of electrical interference is quite low here. This type of cable is used to create a network in the business places like wiring purpose under the office walls or lab floor.
  • The second one is the standard Ethernet cable that is flexible and less prone to cracks and breaks that is suitable for the home network setup and traveling as well.

There is another type of cross over cable is also available that connects one computer with another. Generally, the 8k hdmi cable connects the computer with a router or switchboard.

What are the Limitations of the Ethernet Cable?

The main limitation of the Ethernet cable is the capability to cover the distance. It is a great option when your router is in close proximity. In the case of long distances, the problem of signal loss is there. Moreover, it should be away from any type of electrical interference so that you can avoid the interruption. So, it is better to keep it away from large electrical appliances. However, this limitation does not restrict the size of the network as multiple Ethernet cables can be connected to a single router or hub.

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