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Do you need to perform any kind of eye surgery? If yes, then the very thought of it can be frightening despite how minor or major it might be. By conducting thorough research and staying ahead of time, you can remain at ease before the laser eye surgery in London.

  • Know if you are the right candidate for surgery

You need to conduct a thorough assessment by the eye surgeon to know if you are the suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. This consists of several tests such as – vision and prescription testing, corneal thickness and mapping as well as eye pressure and pupil dilation. These tests might be intimidating, but these are easy and involve minimal pain. Make sure you get the best possible treatment and the more you are aware about the eyes and its procedure, the more comfortable you will feel during the operation.

  • Inform eye surgeon about your medical record

When it is about telling the eye care surgeon about your health, it is important to discuss about eye-related health problems, general health concerns of the past and the present. Make sure the eye surgeon knows what medications you take regularly and the ones you might be allergic to.

  • Do not wear eye makeup before laser eye surgery

Before undergoing laser eye surgery, it is advised to keep eye area clean and absolutely makeup free for one to two days. Any kind of dirt and debris left below the eyelashes may increase the chances of getting infected. It is suggested to wash your eyes gently and thoroughly before the laser eye surgery to ensure no makeup is left for the eyes.

  • Change from contact lenses to eye glasses
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If you wear contact lenses, it is necessary to remove them at least one week before undergoing laser eye surgery. You should remove hard lenses at least three to four weeks before the surgery. This is vital as wearing contact lenses can change the shape of your cornea. Wearing contact lenses before laser eye surgery might lead to inaccurate measurements thus, causing the results to be less effective. You may wear the glasses during this time span.

  • No creams, lotions or perfumes 

Before starting with laser eye surgery, your facial skin should be completely free of any moisturisers, foundations or perfumes. If any of these come into close contact with your eyes, then the risk of infection will increase.

  • Organise a career

You have to make proper planning of the entire day for your operation much ahead in advance. Ask someone to accompany you for the appointment with your eye surgeon. Since you probably have a pre-surgery sedative and shields for keeping your eyes protected after the procedure, you won’t be allowed to drive on the day of your surgery. Make sure your eyes recover completely before your surgeon at Optimal Vision advises you can drive after the laser eye surgery procedure.

  • Wear something you feel comfortable on the surgery day

Since it is a wise decision to keep laser technology at a lower temperature, it may be cold in laser suites and so, you should wear something that makes you feel warm. This might be something you should not need to pull on and off over your head and anything which might be fluffy is best to avoid in any case.

  • Read story books or download videos 
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It is important to give some rest to the eyes and close them for sometime before the surgery. This means you won’t use mobile phones, computers, reading or watching television. You will probably fall sleep but it is always wise enough to stay prepared and carry something that will entertain you during the surgery.

Thus, after you get prepared, contact your eye care surgeon at laser eye surgery clinic who is always there to help in case you have any queries in your mind. Take proper care of your eyes so that you can move ahead for improved vision in future. 

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