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OnePlus Mobile Insurance: How to Claim OnePlus Mobile Screen Insurance Plan?, Latest News Adda

Over the past few years, OnePlus has emerged as a premium smartphone brand in India. Its user-friendly interface, luxurious design, and sophisticated software integration have made this brand one of the highest-selling mobile phones in recent days. Nonetheless, being a premium quality phone, the price range of OnePlus also stays relatively on the higher side. So, the repair costs of these phones’ screen damage can be high too.

As of April 2020, near about 71% of smartphone repair cases were recorded only due to screen damage. Thus, every OnePlus user needs an insurance plan that can cover these unforeseen financial losses. By following easy steps of OnePlus insurance claim, policyholders can request for expense reimbursement for any such events.

Claim process under OnePlus insurance plans

Individuals can raise an insurance claim for their accidental screen damage of a OnePlus phone within 24 hours of the event. They can contact the customer service team by calling or sending an e-mail. Once done, they need to fill up the claim form and proceed to receive the compensation.

However, while contacting the customer support team, OnePlus protection plan policyholders must keep all the necessary documents handy to ensure faster processing.

Documents required for OnePlus insurance claim

When initiating their OnePlus insurance claim, insured individuals need to submit the documents listed below –

  • A duly filled claim form along with the sign of the policyholder.
  • Also, individuals need to explain the details of the loss or damage, along with an estimated claim amount.
  • The insurer can ask for documents like bill, invoice, valuation report, etc. to validate the amount claimed by insured individuals.
  • An FIR report will also be required if incidents like theft or burglary have resulted in such damage.
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However, depending on the claim amount of OnePlus accidental damage protection policy, the insurer can ask for further documents as well.

With this explanation of the claim process, individuals must also know the benefits that these insurance plans bring to maximise their utility.

Benefits of mobile screen OnePlus Insurance policies

Owning high-end devices like OnePlus smartphones indicate that such users have already invested a significant amount for gadget purchase. Thus, additional expenses like screen repair may seem overwhelming. Availing a Mobile Screen Insurance policy from Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions can hence be highly beneficial for them in reducing this financial strain.

Affordable premium and high coverage

With the OnePlus phone insurance plan, the device owner can cover up to 100% of the base invoice amount of the phone’s purchase used to replace their valuable mobile screen. Moreover, they can purchase this ultimate financial protection for their OnePlus mobile screen at an affordable annual premium.

Coverage for accidental damage

OnePlus damage protection plan covers complete screen replacement or repair expenses incurred due to any accidental damage. Nonetheless, during such an event’s occurrence, the phone has to be in the custody of the insured individual.

Device security

Moreover, by purchasing the OnePlus screen insurance policy, individuals can also protect their expensive smartphone from lingering cyber threats like malware, fraudulent activities, etc. Additionally, this insurance policy also allows the buyer to lock and wipe data remotely alongside providing SIM card locking facility, phone locating via GPS, etc. 

While speaking of safety against fraudulent activities, individuals can also look for a wallet cover plan as it enables individuals to avail coverage up to Rs.2 lakh against unauthorised transactions on cards.

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Breakdown coverage

Also, if due to unexpected mechanical or electrical breakdown, the screen stops working, individuals can raise a OnePlus insurance claim for its replacement or repair costs.

Such types of breakdown can occur to the phone charger as well. Due to its indispensability for smartphones, users can also invest in a mobile charger insurance policy to protect it financially at an attractive yearly premium.

Lastly, other than the advantages mentioned above, the OnePlus damage protection plan also protects the gadget financially from other perils like explosion, fire, etc. Even if the screen gets damaged due to a robbery or burglary, this mobile insurance covers those expenditures, thus ensuring overall protection for your mobile’s screen.

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