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Betting on sports has gained massive popularity. Many people bet on various sports for fun and to make quick cash. Certain people professionally bet on different sports as well. Most professional sports betters use certain strategies, tips, and tricks that help them gain the upper hand and win most of their wagers. People bet on several sports such as cricket, volleyball, etc. Cricket is a game that is loved and followed vigorously by fans in India, and consequently, the number of people betting on the sport is heightened. Online cricket betting requires skill, precision, and the ability to make quick decisions. Below is a list of strategies, tips, and tricks used by professional sports bettors to help you make quick cash. 

Types of Online Cricket Betting Strategies

There are two types of cricket betting strategies. They are listed below. 

  • Mathematical Based Strategies – Mathematical Strategies work on betting patterns and betting according to the right odds. You can use certain betting combinations as well. Betting systems such as the Martingale System, Flat Betting System, Fibonacci System, etc., are there.
  • Game-Related Strategies – These betting strategies are connected to knowing the game. It is about making predictions based on your knowledge of the team. Bettors study statistics, playing patterns of teams, the form of teams, etc. This requires more research than mathematically based strategies. 

Online Cricket Betting Strategies and Tips That Help

There are various strategies that you can use to bet on cricket. It is advisable to combine the strategies listed so that they are effective. There are several sorts of wagers as well, and you can alter your betting strategy according to the different bets. 

Here is a list of Mathematical betting strategies that you can use while betting on cricket. 

  • Dogon Betting – It is a reasonably simple system used by beginners. This is a basic system for betting so that you make up for all previous losses. The amount of betting is to be increased every round if you make a loss. The process continues until you cover up all losses and then restart the process. This system may lead to bankruptcy if you don’t even out your losses. 
  • Flat Betting – Bettors decide a percentage of the bankroll they will play on each bet beforehand. There are different types of flat bets, such as static flat bets, academic flat bets, aggressive flat bets, and chaotic flat bets. The percentage of the bankroll betted on each bet increases respectively; static flat bets at 1-2% and chaotic flat bets at 10%. 
  • Martingale System – This is a risky strategy where you increase the bet each time you lose to make up for your losses. Betters must pick a base limit beforehand. Double the amount you bet on the next wager if you lose a bet. If you win the bet, you can restart the process. 
  • D’Alembert Betting System – This system is similar to the Martingale system with one minor difference; the amount bet on the next wager. You pick a particular unit and increase your bet by that unit every time you lose. You decrease your bet by that unit every time you win. 
  • +60% Strategy – This is a relatively simple system where you increase your bet by 60% every time your gamble is successful. However, you should only gamble when the odds are higher than 1.7. You start by placing a bet at 1% and then gradually increase every time you lose the bet. 
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General Cricket Betting Tips to Keep in Mind

While there are various mathematical systems and game-related strategies you can use, it is essential to know the core principles you can use while betting. These are a list of some things you must keep in mind while betting on cricket. 

  • Don’t rush your bets – Stay calm and composed before making bets. Take your time to think and weigh the possibilities. 
  • Be well versed with the sport and research – Study the sport and the game you are betting on well before placing any bets. 
  • Know your limit – Know when to stop betting and don’t keep chasing losses. Playing irrationally will only cause more losses. 
  • Betting Odds – Use websites online to find the odds and possibilities of the game before placing any bets. 


To conclude, online betting cricket is enjoyable and an easy way to make money. It is widespread across the country. Several professional gamblers rely on cricket betting to make a living. However, making money via sports betting is not easy. Vast amounts of research, calculation and analysis are required. Furthermore, you must have the ability to make good decisions based on your research. Hence, professional sports bettors use strategies and tips to help them win bets. Using these two types of betting strategies, mathematical-based and game-related strategies, you can increase your chances of winning.

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