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Social networking these days is on the rise and it is serving human beings to the next level. However, we humans are using a piece of technology for many negative activities. Social media has become a headache for parents over the latest decade because teens and children are using it all day long on business-owned devices.

Therefore, parents are trying to protect teens from online dating, sexual hookups, and to prevent their encounters with online predators. Over the years, online bullies, stalkers, and sex offenders have been migrated to the social messaging apps and websites.

Therefore, kids and teens alongside cellphone obsession have become vulnerable to online predators. So, parents have no other way but set parental control on kids and teens to protect them from social media dangers. Parents can use cell phone parental monitoring app on children’s phones to get the job done.

What is cellphone monitoring software?

It is a kind of technological tool that you can install on your kid’s and teens’ mobile phone devices. Furthermore, you can get access to the online dashboard and use its features to upload the social media activities of the children on the web portal.

It was developed and designed for the sake of the online parenting of the children. You can use its powerful features to protect teens and kids from online predators and prevent inappropriate activities.

 You can use features like track a phone, screenshots, live screen recorder, social media messenger spy software, call recording, keylogger, email tracking, internet browsing activities, and remote features such as surround recording, block messages, calls, and internet access.

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The application has a user –friendly interface and easy to install on the target device. Every feature of the application is result-oriented that provides you accuracy and efficiency. For more details keep visiting and do live chat of TheOneSpy customer support chat.


It is compatible with all kinds of cellphones, tablets running with android operating systems. You can use it secretly on the target device and upload the information to the fullest. It is compatible with Android OS version 10 and above devices.

How to install cellphone monitoring software?

If you want to monitor kids’ and teens’ mobile devices connected to the internet and want to keep an eye on kid’s social media activities to make sure safety form social media dangers. Furthermore, users can visit the official webpage of TheOneSpy. Once you have got access on the webpage then subscribe to the android monitoring app. You will receive an email alongside the credentials via email. Users can go through your mail ID and get the password and ID. Furthermore, get physical access to the target device. Now you can get started with the process of installation and activate it on the target device. Furthermore, you can get access to the powerful features of the cell phone tracking app. Let’s get to know about the tools that empower you to monitor kid’s social media activities to protect them from social media dangers.

Use cellphone monitoring software Features to protect kids from social media dangers

Live screen recording

Users can use the TOS online web portal and further get access to powerful features like screen recorder software. You can use this tool on the target cellphone device and you will start getting the recording of the back to back short videos of the target mobile device screen active with the social media apps. You can watch all the recorded videos on the web portal.

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IM’s social media

Users can use the online dashboard and activate the social media messenger spying software. It empowers you to get the logs of instant messaging apps like messages, chat conversations, audio-video calls, multimedia sharing, and voice messaging activities.


Users can remotely activate the plenty of screenshots at once on the target device. It will start capturing the screenshots of the target device and send it to the web portal. Users can get access to the online web portal.

IM’s call recording

Users can record live IM’s VoIP calls (one-sided) using VoIP call recording software. You can save the data of the voice calls on the web portal.


TheOneSpy is the best tool for parents to monitor social media activities to protect them from online dangers.

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