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A Complete Step-By-Step Guide For Screen Printing Technique, Latest News Adda

The screen printing technique is widely used in different parts of the world. The reason for using this printing technique is that it produced a wide range of colors, even dark colors on the fabric. In this technique, ink is used in layers and used over the fabric. This technique will provide pleasing tactile quality to your fabric.

This technique is highly favored by various people because it can easily reproduce the same design many times. It is so because you can easily replicate the same design many times.

Also, it is quite helpful in creating various copies of the same custom printed garment many times. It will help in making the screen printing technique quite efficient for making a huge volume of custom sports clothes and uniforms.

If the screen printing process is implemented by the professional, they will create alluring print by using this technique. The trained professionals can create intricate multicolored designs by using the screen printing method. There is one disadvantage of using the screen printing technique is that limits the number of colors that can be used in printing.

The screen printing technique involves various methods, but all of them use the same basic principle. In this printing technique, a special type of light reactive emulsion is used for creating a custom stencil. It will help in creating widely popular commercial printing because it uses intricate stencils. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss a step-by-step guide for implementing screen printing technique

Create The Design

First of all, you should create the alluring design that you want to print over the fabric. If you want to create a custom t-shirt, then you should create t shirt graphic design. After that, a professional will create the design on the finished product. The printer will help in creating the design on the transparent acetate film. This film will be used for creating the stencil.

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Prepare The Screen

After that, the printer will select the mesh screen that will suit the complexity of the design. In addition to this, the printer will also decide the texture of the fabric on which the design is to be printed. After that, you should coat the mesh screen with the layer of the light-reactive emulsion. The mesh screen will become hard when brought under the bright light.

Exposure Of Emulsion

The acetate sheet over which the design is created should be laid onto the emulsion-coated screen. Everything will be exposed to the bright light. After this exposure, the bright light will form the hard surface. Only that part will not be affected which is covered by the design.

If the end design is incorporated by various colors, then you should create separated screens to use different layers of ink. If you want to create multi-colored products, then the printing professionals have to create various stencils for different colors.

You should line them up properly to get the desired result. If you want to get the best printing results, then you should take the help of the t-shirt screen printing Vancouver contractor.

Wash Off Emulsion

If the screen will be exposed for a specific time, then the regions of the screen which are not covered by the design will turn hard. The unhardened emulsion should be carefully rinsed away. It will create a clear imprint of the design on the mesh screen from where the ink will pass through.

After that, let the screen dry properly. The printing professional will do the necessary touch-ups to create the imprint as precisely as possible. Now, your stencil is ready to create beautiful designs.  

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Prepare Item For Printing

You have to place the screen on the printing press. The fabric over which you want to create the print should be laid down flat over the board of printing below the screen.

There are different types of presses and they are broadly categorized into manual and automatic styles. Usually, reputable printing professionals use the automatic rotary carousel type of printer. It will help in creating multicolored print easily.

Press Ink Through The Screen

The printing screen will be lowered down over the printing board. Ink should be added over the top of the printing screen. Ink will be passed through the open area of the stencil. Ultimately, the design will be created over the fabric.

If you want to create the same design on multiple fabrics, then you have to raise the screen and place another fabric over the printing board. After that, you need to repeat the process.

Finally, the emulsion will be removed with the help of the special type of washing liquid so that you can reuse the mesh for creating another stencil. The printing professionals will help in creating any type of custom clothes like cheap screen printing t-shirts.

Dry The Product

You should let the printed product dry completely. You have passed it through the dryer that will help in curing ink and creating a smooth texture. Check the final product.

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