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SEO continues to be vital for brands. If anything led to the pandemic, it was the exponential increase in Internet search traffic. Which invites to rethink the most direct and public communication channels of each organization.

Perhaps the incidence of digital media could be expected during the pandemic days. With more time at home, the need to stay in touch, to stay in communication with other people was greater. However, advertising investments have been reduced on a global scale.

Furthermore, according to data provided by Google, during the confinement digital channels became the default purchase medium for many users. Since the beginning of March, interest in the search for “online shop” and “how to buy online” has doubled worldwide.

Something that demonstrates the need for a good post-COVID SEO strategy that allows you to appear in the first SERP results relevant to your brand.

Relevant data to define a post COVID SEO strategy

Here are some facts you should consider before reviewing your search engine ranking strategies:

  • Electronic commerce, delivery and collection of supplies of all kinds for delivery, as well as click and collect in the shop or pickup points have become the new normal.
  • 75% of consumers use their social networks daily. Only 4% want brands to stop advertising right now.
  • With the confinement phases of the different countries there is an avalanche of requests for information from users. They want to know how companies handle COVID-19 restrictions for
  • Evaluate their purchasing options; so post-COVID SEO is now more important than ever.
  • Many companies have stopped their SEO actions and investments in social advertising by reducing their commercial initiatives.

The information provided by an SEO strategy regarding consumer behavior is essential. Even more so in times of volatility and fluctuation in demand.

So some experts point out that SEO will lead companies through the economic storm. This includes everything from protecting the brand to positioning its products and services to appear in user searches at the right time.

The crisis is increasing online commerce

If confinement because of the pandemic taught anything, it is that the world easily adapts to a click. You can find everything on the Internet, you just have to type it with intention and Google will take care of the rest.

A McKinsey report shows that almost all companies, from traditional to emerging, are reorienting their business models to make them more digital. All of this as a direct result of the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has had on changing consumer behavior. This has been particularly useful for industries engaged in the production and distribution of essential products.

However, the incidence of SEO goes far beyond simply generating traffic. It ensures long-term benefits, as well as generating a good number of qualified visitors for your website.

4 aspects to consider when managing SEO post COVID

Establishing an orientation that allows you to get results from different search engines is not easy. However, it is essential that your brand survives in the digital world. So, first of all, you need to take into account these 4 aspects that will help you define the best positioning strategy:

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1. – COVID19 research will continue to be a trend but not forever

Of course, they will have long-term repercussions. But searches for coronavirus will not be on the cutting edge of trends forever. The rankings of the most searched keywords will again be guided by evergreen keywords. That is, those that are common in each specific sector regardless of the year.

This does not mean that you should minimize the impact of COVID19 on SEO. It is still an important topic. The major global markets continue to balance to respond in time to any new outbreak. However, COVID19 is a reality that, over time, will disappear from the rankings.

2. – Work the essential keywords in your sector

It is essential that your brand’s intentions meet the needs of your audience. For this reason, every post COVID SEO strategy must analyze in real time the evolution of these needs. It’s the only way to go ahead and be able to offer what your users are looking for.

In addition, it is still essential that you are well positioned with the keywords that are critical to your business or Wilderness Therapy Help For Young Adults. Something you can get by betting on content suitable for your niche. This evergreen content will follow you constantly. Another aspect will concern what you do subsequently with visitors to your web pages.

Think about the things your audience might always need. To what can be really useful and define your post COVID SEO strategy based on a relevant content marketing strategy.

3. – Focus the post COVID SEO strategy on capturing qualified traffic

The purpose of post-COVID SEO should not simply focus on increasing traffic to your website. Even more important is that this traffic is quality. That they are qualified leads with whom you can work properly.

This means betting on the creation of communities. A specific post COVID SEO strategy should help you identify the highly qualified leads for your business. It’s the only way to generate promotion campaigns that will pay off in the future.

4. – SEO is a medium term bet

SEO is based on gaining the trust of search engines. One way to achieve this is by being consistent, dedicating time, which will provide consistent results. Of course, in the event that constant and meticulous work is not done, the strategy is likely to be unsuccessful.

In fact, an Ahrefs study found that only 1% of Google’s front pages were less than a year old. Therefore, there are many things to do now to be well positioned in a few months.

The interesting thing is that this traffic is not punctual. Even if you stop working on a post COVID SEO strategy, you will still get results. Because users keep looking and they will find you in the SERPs. This will allow you to earn from the work done previously.

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How to optimize your post COVID19 SEO strategy

If you have not yet defined an SEO strategy for your resources, it is time to create it. To do this, you need to take into account a number of factors that will influence your success or failure.

It’s best to start by adjusting your digital presence and optimizing your website design. These are some of the things you should focus on:

  • Simplify navigation as much as possible.
  • Bet on a responsive design. Remember that over 80% of browsing is done from mobile devices. It is useless not to exploit this data, so you need to make sure that the website meets the SEO criteria for mobile devices.
  • Provide updated and valuable content. It works well on a technical level. Take care of the title structure and respect the HTML rules. Don’t write too long sentences or include non-optimized images and make sure they aren’t too heavy.
  • Create a fixed space on your website where you explain the steps your company is taking to deal with the maintenance of post-COVID19 services and how to protect employees and customers.

Put the user at the center of your efforts

In addition, any SEO strategy must address another set of aspects, including:

  • Optimize the speed of your page: Good page speed reduces the bounce rate and increases overall engagement on your website. The page loading speed is also a factor that Google takes into consideration when evaluating the web page.
  • Take care of local SEO: local SEO is very effective. Many searches have a local intention, which means that the user is looking for a nearby company where to go or buy.
  • Update your Google My Business profile regularly. It is one of the best ways to help search engines recognize and understand why your business exists. Make sure to keep your profile up to date so that Google sees your website as trustworthy.
  • Don’t forget how links work: make sure that the links on your site include the target keywords you’re competing for. This is important because Google reads the links to decide if the content is relevant. Having quality links and providing backlinks increases the value of your website. Search engines use links to find new web pages and determine how to rank a website in search results. The more high-quality websites link to your website, the more likely you are to appear in the search for the user you care about.

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