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Today, an app is enough to create music and songs: here is our selection to write and edit songs in an easy and fun way from smartphones, tablets and PCs

The world of apps is constantly evolving and tools for making music with smartphones, tablets and PCs are now widespread. Music composing apps have achieved widespread success, among musicians or simple enthusiasts. Currently, there are numerous programs and apps, often free, that allow you to play, learn and have fun using the device on the go. We have collected the best apps to compose music, free or commercial at low cost, to be used on Android, Apple iOS and PC smartphones.

Caustic 3:

It is the application for Android and iOS devices that allows you to create songs, using the virtual instruments available, with a wide range of synthesizers. The app is suitable for both professionals and beginners with a great desire to learn. Caustic 3 allows you to import your own songs and connect the app to MIDI controller devices, such as musical keyboards. The complete application for Android costs $ 6.99, but is also available in a free limited version. For Apple iOS, the cost of the commercial app is $ 10.99.

Garage Band:

It is free music creation software developed by Apple and per-installed on all Macintosh’s. Garage Band also has its own application for iOS, which allows anyone to record and compose music with a simple tap. The app features a wide range of virtual instruments for playing and composing music directly from your smartphone. Thanks to the sound library it is also possible to download additional musical instruments, to be used immediately to satisfy any need.

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Music Maker JAM:

It is the free application for creating music with your smartphone and PC. It is a complete and easy to use app that allows you to use virtual instruments to compose music, according to your style (hip hop, house, pop rock and others). In addition to composing songs, Music Maker Jam allows you to make professional digital piano mixes, record voices and sounds and share your music online. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices.

Flow key:

It is a very interesting interactive and didactic tool, which allows you to learn to play the piano with ease. It is a cross-platform application, available for iOS and Android, which integrates numerous video piano lessons and the ability to practice directly with your own musical instrument. Thanks to the integrated audio recognition module, the app “listens” to the musical notes coming from the piano and guides the budding musician towards the perfect performance of the piece. It has an extensive database of songs to listen to or use for your own practice. It can be used from any computer via the web interface from the Internet browser. Flow key is available by subscription, with monthly plans starting from $ 19.99 or a one-time purchase of the app.

Audio Evolution Mobile Studio:

It is the app for Android and iOS that allows you to record, edit and play music, assigning realistic effects in real time. It has numerous virtual musical instruments, which can be used directly from the app to compose your own songs. The features of this app are really numerous and include the ability to import audio from external sources in different formats and convert the sample rate of songs. This app can be compared to a real portable music recording studio.

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Beat wave:

It is the free app for iPhone and iPad with iOS, which allows you to create music easily, by touching a simple grid on the display. Beat wawe is great fun and can be used by anyone, even beginners. Songs are created easily by touching the display and the grid with notes. It includes several sound effects and the ability to save and share your music on social networks.

Walk Band:

It is the music application for Android devices that integrates three virtual instruments to compose music with your smartphone. In addition to the keyboard, you can play the guitar or drum pad. The app integrates a database of songs, which you can play independently. It is a fun application for composing music, easy to use.

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