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Top 5 Reasons to Gift Tea – To All, Latest News Adda

Tea is more than a beverage now – it is a celebration and a way to bring people together to share experiences and laughs, and also to make new memories that would last a lifetime. Tea is a way to show care and convey the simple message that life can be enjoyed more when you slow down and ‘brew’ in the uncomplicated. There are so many reasons why the many flavors of aromatic tea make a great gift. Pair the variety of teas with brilliantly crafted accessories and what you have is one of the best and most powerful gifts. We bring you carefully ‘brewed’ top 5 reasons to gift tea, so you can free your mind of the worry of the ‘perfect’ gift.

Tea is the Compeer of Health

Tea was discovered thousands of years ago, and its first use was to promote health. Over the years, tea has become synonymous with good health. When you offering a tea gift set, what you are actually gifting is a load of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and several other massive health benefits. With the frenzied lifestyles of today, managing one’s health is becoming increasingly harder. Fine quality tea when incorporated into one’s daily routine is possibly the easiest and tastiest way to add health benefits.

Tea Brings Calmness and Focus

Tea contains an amino-acid L-Theanine, which is unique to tea. This compound works swiftly to ensure focus, alertness, and concentration, with a state of calmness. Black, green, and matcha teas have the highest amounts of L-Theanine – and hence work well through the day, especially when we need that extra dose of attentiveness.

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Tea is a Peek into the World

There are over 3000 varieties of tea, and as the second most drunk beverage, people across the world have ‘customized’ teas to reflect their cultures. The famous masala chai that Indians are crazy about, contains a harmonious symphony of beneficial herbs and spices – a true reflection of the diverse fabric of the country. Then there is Koshary, as another example – black tea brewed with cane sugar, with added fresh mint leaves, which is widely popular across Egypt. The list is endless – tea lovers across the world have put a unique spin on this loved beverage such that it tells a tale of their part of the world. 

Tea is an Occasion and a Reason to Meet

Meeting to share a cuppa is actually an invitation to come together to exchange laughs and fun times with family and friends. This is possibly one of the top reasons to gift tea to your loved ones, including yourself! What better way is there to say you care than by sharing what is special to you? Add accompaniments such as cheese, crackers, munchies, and even chocolate and you have effortlessly created an occasion that would prove memorable. When you gift tea – you gift warmth and reasons to come together. 

Tea Reflects Great Taste and Finesse

Tea is an experience, a sensory delight, and one that truly tingles your taste buds – irrespective of the type of tea you drink. Tea can actually be paired with the person you gift it to – white tea is delicate, while oolongs are deliciously aromatic, and black teas are bold and strong. With the thousands of tea varieties, you are sure to find the right one for the many unique characteristics that reflect in the people in your life. Guess what – you get to sample a variety of teas before you gift them – certainly a top reason to gift tea 😊

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Tea reflects patience, harmony with nature and with each other, health, purity, and so many other high values. It is about sharing tradition and culture from one generation to the next while inculcating the need for togetherness and time for self and with those we love. It is one of the best bounties of nature, with added aplomb and with several ‘palatable’ characteristics. It sure is a crowd pleaser and makes for a personal and thoughtful gift in an experiential and multi-faceted manner. Work your way into and stay in the memory and hearts of people – one of the top reasons to gift tea!

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