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Can you count the hair on your head? Obviously not, same as at this you can not count the number of video games introduced in the gaming world till now. Video games have the potential to grab the attention of people. There was a time when video games were only available on arcade machines, which were not available for the people twenty-four hours. Since video games are available for the whole day, kids, teens, or even adults keep playing for hours and hours and waste their time. Video games have become a passion and addiction for people. People are playing video game beyond entertainment boundaries and have become its addict, which is a serious issue because the outcomes and effects are dangerous.

Why are people becoming video game addict?

A question may arise in your mind that why people are becoming video game addict? What are the consequences which are behind video game addiction? What are the main factors of this addiction? Actually, these video games are designed so that people can not stop playing them, and a time came when they became addicted. In these games, any mission or task is given to the player who attracts players and develops the people’s interest in the game, or sometimes they have to beat any high score or target. There is only a single player in some games, or there are many games in which there are multiplayer online games. The graphics and elaborations of these games are also strong enough to attract players towards games. Or the introverted children or people who did not like to interact with the people of the real world or are not comfortable with people around them also engage themselves with online players, characters, and powers in the game. They find this game more entertaining and even comfortable than the real world.

Effects of video game addiction:

Researchers and professors at Law Essay Writing Service agree that addiction to video games is harmful. Although the kids’ imagination is expanded and their skills are sharpened with these games but only when they are played for a certain time period in a day. Becoming addict to it is harmful and has negative effects on its consumers.

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Poor academic performance:

Mostly the video game addicts are students. The addition to video games badly affects their studies. Their academic performance becomes poor. They lost their interest in studies and school. They also spend their study time playing games rather than completing the home task, which resulted in bad grades in the classroom. They also lose interest in classroom activities as they are always thinking about their games, even during classroom lectures.

Wastage of time:

When someone becomes addicted to video games, they started playing games and wasting their precious time playing games instead of doing something productive. The time used in a study or household work or even on your self-grooming is spent playing video games. Addiction to anything, either games or something else, is harmful because becoming addicted is when you started taking disadvantages of anything.

Anxiety and anger:

The addicted person also faces anxiety and anger issues. They became angrier when they are forced to stop playing games or restricted to play them during a certain time slot. They started getting irritated on small and useless things.

Lost of interest in other activities:

Another effect of video game addiction is that game addiction lost interest in other activities, either curricular or co-curricular. The only interest if the addict is the video game. They are not interested in any social activities, meet up with friends and fellows or relatives, go out for fun, or play any outdoor game. They prefer to be alone in the room and keep on playing their games.

Bad physical health:

The addict of video games also faces health issues as they are not any more players of physical games and activities. They are miles away from playgrounds and playing in the fresh air, which refreshes the mind and makes people energetic. But the video game addict ran miles while sitting in their room or couch. They have bad physical health like the overweight issue, vision problem, headache, and musculoskeletal problem, which is a pain in hands, wrist, and back of the neck.

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Sleep deprivation:

Video gaming addict faces sleep deprivation or insomnia. And it is proven by the researchers that video game addiction resulted in many emotional disorders, which include insomnia. Extreme violence, which is the major part of video games, is the main reason behind this issue.

Violence act:

Video gaming addiction also resulted in violence in the people. Violence, or we can say extreme violence is common in the games. The addicted people of such games who spent most of their time in that violence also try to commit violence in reality. They become so extreme in their every act and action. This violence is undoubtedly harmful to the addict, and the people around them as video games increase aggression, especially among children under 10.

Thinking about the game:

The addict can not stop thinking about the game. They are completely lost in their thoughts, which created difficulties for them at work, school. They even did not take an interest in taking part in any discussion and group activity.

How to overcome it:

To overcome your addiction to video games or to get rid of it, the first thing you can do is set a time for playing video games. Set a limit for yourself, after which you will stop playing it. You can also do us keeping the cell phone and other gadgets out of your bedroom at night so you can not use them and could have a proper sleep. Set a time for other daily routine activities so that you will not forget to complete them. You can also take help from the therapist, physiatrist, and doctor.

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