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Molds are unwanted and nasty. It’s a type of fungus that can grow anywhere if it finds even the slightest encouragement. Water damage, flood damage, and excess humidity are the main reason for mold growth but any wet environment actually works as fertile soil for mold growth.

Your wet bathroom or basement is the perfect place for mold, a fungus that thrives in moist conditions. Mould and its spores are omnipresent. Mold comes in over 100,000 different varieties, and every house has at least one of them.

It is possible to find a mold that is both innocuous and beneficial, but it is also possible to find hazardous mold. Either way, it’s not something you want in your house. Mold decomposes stuff, creates allergies, and may cause illness in humans and animals. It also has the appearance of dirt buildup.

When dealing with mold, it is preferable to utilize measures that kill and remove the mold since it will return if left unchecked. You should be able to handle this on your own if the mold is restricted to a small area in your home.

Symptoms of Mold Growth

The first step of removing mold growth is to detect it. While visible mold growth is easier to detect there are also many cases of hidden mold growth ruining the apartment or the property. There are a few symptoms to look for in cases of mold and mildew growth. If the symptoms match you should consider calling an expert plumber for inspection and mold removal.

  • Wet and damp spot on the floor
  • Musty or earthy smell without explanation
  • Running water sounds due to cracks in pipes
  • Allergies

If you are looking for the best mold removal in Orange county. Look for EZ Plumbing USA for a thorough inspection and subsequent removal of mold. They use non-invasive and environment-friendly chemical methods for mold growth removal.

How to prevent mold growth in the first place

Solutions are nice but prevention is nicer. The way you could prevent mold growth from happening in the first place are:

  • Keep a dehumidifier in your home if you can. The humidity level of any property should be 30-50%.
  • Open the windows and exhaust fan for a while every day to let the room breathe. Fresh air will balance the humidity.
  • Always vent moisture-generating sources
  • Do not keep books, furniture, trophies in damp places
  • Seal the pipes and other water lines.

Natural solutions

There are a number of ways you can deal with the mold yourself. Especially if the case is not that problematic. There are a few over-the-counter remedies you can try.

  • Put some vinegar on the mold and wait for an hour. After an hour use a brush of a cloth to remove the mold. Vinegar is a solution of water and mild acid. Although mild, the acid has microbe destroying ability. Vinegar has been used as a sanitizer since the invention of agriculture.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide works similarly to the vinegar solution on a hard surface. Pour 3% hydrogen surface in a spray bottle, soak the surface and wait for 10 minutes. Scrub off the mold using a brush and the molds will not come back.
  • Baking soda has the right ph so it will not hurt the pets at all. This remedy is even safer than the previous two. Mix a quarter of a tablespoon with water and spray on the mold.
  • Tea tree oil is best for its anti-fungal activity. Mix a couple of tablespoons with water and spray on the mold.
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Other not natural remedies

  • Plastic shower curtains and liners may be safely treated with a mold and mildew spray like Clorox Tilex Mold and Mildew Remover. Spray the stain, wait for it to diminish, and then rinse it off.
  • Use a sponge or brush to apply detergent and water to the surface and allow it to dry fully. Afterward, use a solution of water and bleach: 34 cup chlorine bleach to a gallon of warm water. Apply the water-bleach combination with a sponge or brush to the spots while wearing rubber gloves. Scrub it off
  • Molds on fabric are a thing so, To prevent mold spores from entering your house, take the item outdoors and brush off the extra mold. To clean a cloth that can be washed in a machine, use liquid laundry detergent and the warmest temperature recommended in the care directions, then use chlorine bleach or non-chlorine bleach. Dry cleaning or hand washing may eliminate mold from non-machine washable fabrics.
  • To get rid of mold from wood cabinets, paneling, or other furniture. The soft brush attachment of a vacuum with a HEPA filter may be used to remove loose spores. Pour some dish detergent into a liter of water, then use a towel to spread it about. To eliminate the mold, dampen the area with water, but don’t let it become soggy. Wipe the area dry after rinsing the cloth in clean water and wringing it out thoroughly. Keep the wood dry as long as possible to avoid damaging the finish.

When to call an expert?

Getting rid of molds is easy if the mold has spread yet. However, in cases of hidden molds, the symptoms become apparent long after it is possible to use over-the-counter remedies. Hire an expert to ensure 3 things and they are:

  • Removal of molds from the entire property.
  • Proper inspection of the probable causes
  • Prevention from further mold growth.
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Since mold growth is a common problem it is not hard to find a mold removal company. But if you want mold removal in orange county which is comprehensive in its scope of services call EZ Plumbing USA.

As a company, we cover every general and specialized plumbing service, therefore, our range is wide and you do not have fo to other companies for auxiliary services.

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