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Understanding Health Insurance with Maternity Cover

Pregnancy or maternity is a life-changing event. You must be prepared for it not only physically and mentally, but also financially. The rising prices of health care and nurturing a child is quite expensive in recent times and requires good financial support.

Health insurance with maternity coverage is ideal to cover maternity expenses, including delivery costs, hospital stay, medical tests and medicines. It will allow you to enjoy this special moment of life without any stress. Let us know more about this health insurance.

What is Maternity Insurance?

As the name suggests, this insurance policy is meant for pregnant women. It offers maternity coverage of a specific amount during the insurance policy tenure. Some insurers not only provide pregnancy cover for the mother but also covers the newborn baby, including pre and post-natal expenses.

Many organisations which provide group health insurance policy to employees, may also provide rider maternity insurance specifically for the women employees. This insurance plan provides coverage for pre and post-hospitalisation as well as expenses like room rent, nurse, ambulance, doctor consultation, and surgeon fees.

Let us understand the inclusions and exclusions of maternity insurance and take the right financial decision to ensure the maximum financial benefits.

The Inclusions of the Policy

  • Maternity related hospitalisation charges will be covered starting 30 days before the baby’s delivery and post-hospitalisation expenses of 60 days after delivery.

  • Hospitalisation coverage will also include surgeon fees, nurse, emergency ambulance charges and others.

  • Both cesarean and normal delivery charges are covered along with any post-delivery complications for the mother.

  • Health insurance plans with maternity coverage include infant and neonatal care from day 1 up to 90 days. The plan covers all needs of the newborn baby, but this is subjected to differ and you must inquire about the insurer’s allowance on premature lobar and complicated deliveries.

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The Exclusions of the Policy

  • Pre-existing diseases that may affect pregnancy like high blood pressure, epilepsy, etc. will not be covered.

  • Infertility treatment or IVF expenses are not covered under this.

  • Congenital or genetic medical conditions that may affect the child prior to birth, like down syndrome, heart disease, etc are not covered under this policy.

  • Medicines prescribed by doctors are covered under the policy, excluding the ones which are not, such as some health supplements or vitamins.

How Can You Claim for Health Insurance with Maternity Coverage?

The insurance policyholder can opt for the cashless claim which is eligible at any of the network hospitals listed by the insurance company. In this case all the treatment and hospitalisation expenditure is covered by the insurance company and you will not have to pay from your own pocket.

The other alternative is reimbursement claim, in which the policyholder can seek treatment at any hospital of their choice. The claim amount must initially be paid by the insured person to the hospital and you can later submit a claim application to the insurer by showing all necessary details of hospital bills and treatment costs to avail of the reimbursement amount.

The importance of Maternity Insurance Policy

There are several reasons why you must buy maternity insurance. Some benefits of the policy are listed below:

  • It offers financial security and helps an individual or partners to take one of the most important decisions of life, of having a baby. The plan ensures that all the financial requirement are taken care of so that you can have a stress-free delivery.

  • There are a lot of things you should be worried about during pregnancy but money does not have be one. Peace of mind is very important when you are pregnant and the priority during this time is your and your baby’s health. With a maternity insurance plan, you will have peace of mind regarding all pre and post-natal treatments.

  • Relaxing onset to parenthood. A maternity insurance plan covers the expenses during delivery and first 90 days of the newborn baby. A newborn baby requires medical attention, vaccination and new parents can rest assured that every expense will be taken care of while they get to relax and enjoy the beginning of a new journey.

  • Ensure better mental health of a new mother. We are familiar with the postpartum struggles of a new mother. While giving birth is a beautiful experience, it can also be overwhelming and knowing that your newborn baby is covered by maternity insurance can help you cope up a lot better.

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The concept of maternity insurance is still unknown to many but the benefits of it must not be overlooked. If you buy health insurance with maternity coverage in advance when you and your partner are planning to have a baby, it will be one of the best decisions you would make. With this insurance policy not only you but your newborn baby is also protects.

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