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Amazon’s Alexa assistant takes the place of Google home which is the first original smart speaker. Now the search giant is stuck with an echo speaker that assists Amazon’s Alexa and people like to search into voice. Recently some things have shifted, Google has added some features still Alexa already had on the other hand, some doesn’t.

Today, Google sells many smart displays that come in amazing and surprising full spectrum mini speakers including the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max available in the online market. 

We are fans of Google Home because it is not only a smart home but also bona fide market leader. You are very surprised to know that what Google can’t do. But without it you might be able to work around your area.

So, know about the Google home ecosystem that you are hoping to see the list of complaints and grips. We have loaded things let’s start to know the best tips for Google Home smart speaker-

Fix the name, Google Home or Nest?

There are many lists of Google Home max, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and  The Nest Mini.  If the original Google Home speaker discontinues.

Under the Nest banner it appears a replacement not fret on the way. The original Google Home mini comes at the best price at 30 $ that is replaced by the upgraded Nest mini and Google Hub is now called the re-branded Nest Hub. But do you know the thermostats that work with Google Home. Yes, You must know this, the most important of them is the Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

Are you confused?

It is understood Google wants to fold their Google Home platforms just like security cameras, smart thermostats and other home devices. At same time one device doing that mixes up the name and breaks the lineup.

Just like ‘Home nest’ is nothing the name but ‘Google nest’ is. Noticeable thing is that if you speak to Alexa on Amazon Echo, it’ll reply  to you. So, we want as it is Google assistant do the same as it is on Google Home. 

It’s time to open up more with Apple

Google and Apple are the best but it is grudging enemies so, it’s time to end the rivalry. In Google Home devices you can listen to any music even, you can set a non-Google option just like Spotify that is your default. 

In 2010, the Google Home smart speaker pipes the apple music by playing on a compatible device that connects Google Home with bluetooth. 

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But now, if you stream Apple Music on a Samsung Tv then you should be able to do it with Google Home. For those who use Apple and Google services that are being barred, tools do not need to be painful.   

You shouldn’t shout

If you have Google Home smart speakers and set an alarm or timer from those speakers then you have only one solution to turn off with a voice command by talking to your speaker.

When you are going to shout or there is work around Alexa knows another speaker is connected from the same account, so why Google home doesn’t?  

On the other hand there is another video doorbell from Amazon known as Ring and it is quite popular in United States. So, now the question arises nest vs ring which one should you choose.

On your location based Google Home can’t trigger

Without saying anything just like a magical way to make your gadgets do bidding. That is the reason Amazon’s Alexa excels at automation and still Google home falls very low. Alexa supports the location of your trigger.   

On the other hand, Amazon’s digital assistant helps to track your GPS location. It controls smart home gadgets, and plays music that is based wherever you are. If you want a more digitally smart speaker then you will command your speaker through your voice, when you go to home and turn on the light based on your location. 

A home/away mode is used in Google Nest Learning Thermostat that is the location based trigger to turn air conditioning up or down whatever you want you can do it easily. Google knows each and everything where you are so why not add these simple features? So, it is best you cobble together a location using IFTTT.   

Google Home can’t whisper

Did you know? During the scheduled time of the day Google home has a night mode to reduce the speaker voice literally all it does? In other words Alexa what can do when you command Alexa it will reply literally whisper. Alexa makes you feel more human when you are sleeping. It whispers less so that you can enjoy your valuable time. 

Google just has…. Google

As you know, Amazon has Alexa and Apple has Siri. Microsoft has Cortana and Samsung has Bixby, What Google has? Obviously Google has just….Google. You can’t use old words like just words. Infact, you can use Google Home slightly but it might be nice if Google offered more options. 

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Apart from this, Alexa gives answers to the ‘Computer’, ‘Echo’, or ‘Amazon’ Ok, Google? Google Home connects only to the external speaker system through using bluetooth but Alexa Echoes have audio out port. 

Audio Jack

Amazon Echoes has physical stereo output ports that are connected to the wire better, louder, and a bigger stereo system. But in Google home is connected to the speaker with bluetooth this is the only way for Google home connection that is not a high quality of signal.

Now a smart technology comes in the online market, Google home and ultra premium devices including Google Home Max, you can’t compete with high end gear like the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2, CNET’s best bookshelf speaker for 2020. 

Google Assistant should House-sit for you

Last year, Amazon launched Alexa Guard that heard your suspicious activity. If you are not at your home and your window is cracked or breaking down Alexa Guard work well.

It does not work like the dedicated security system but it is best when you are sitting there while the thief empty your jewelry or money from your home. 

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