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WooCommerce Inventory Management Options, Latest News Adda

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a plugin which is easy free and open-source used on WordPress to make your simple website into E-commerce stores. WooCommerce helps you to make your simple website into a complete E-commerce web portal. Whether you are the owner of a small store or a largest multinational company, you can simply and quickly allow users or customers to shop from your website online. TradeGecko plugins is one of the most popular WooCommerce inventory management service. 

At the time you install the WooCommerce plugin in order to make your store go online, you can see quite a few options to choose from in terms of inventory management system.

WooCommerce Inventory Management Options, Latest News Adda

Different WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugins

When you are doing business one important point is managing your products have the best information about the products you have, also it takes a lots of time and other problems when you do it on other software so here are some WooCommerce Inventory Management plugins which help you to do inventory management very quickly and easily.

These plugins help you in different ways like: 

  • You can make bulk updates within seconds.
  • Can add multiple products in single go.
  • You don’t need to track numbers, automated calculations are also in this product.
  • Smart search, easy exports and many more. 

So here are five of the most popular tools used to manage the inventory of WooCommerce:

5 Best Inventory Management Tools for WooCommerce:


TradeGecko works with Woo commerce to let you sync your project with your e-commerce store with its user – friendly management.It is a full-service system which allows you to control your purchase, inventory and sales from one simple online platform.With this tool you can manage multiple stores with a single account, manage everything with the mobile apps and also you get access to analytics about who is selling what product and where.You can also create a custom domain for private online wholesalers and distributors.You can also integrate the product with many different packages like QuickBooks and lots of others. 

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Orderhive is also another tool which integrates with all major platforms like woocommerce, Stripe, eBay Amazon and shippers like UPS, FEDEX and the USPS and more. You can manage multiple channels that you sell on, centralize inventory, ship and track orders and automate drop shipping with this tool.Overhive has a robust analytical dashboard and wholesale management tool to help improve sites performance.


Stitch which is introduced by Stichable is another good eCommerce inventory management system which understands the needs of small,medium and large businesses.It can manage online orders,shipping and inventory.One of the great thing about Stitch’s woocommerce  inventory management system is that it is not only for online sales.Moreover you can integrate online and offline operations, including shipping, inventory, orders, and books.


  • You can manage the order from multiple orders.
  • See the report of the sales.
  • Check the profits on your woocommerce.
  • All your stock quantities can be synchronized.
  • Managing stock,shipments and sales from one convenient location.
  • You can get access to great analytics to determine what’s working and what’s not.

Note: The first three plugins TradeGecko,Orderhive and Stitch are best all around eCommerce inventory management tools that are needed by most of the users.

DEAR Inventory:

DEAR Inventory is a good choice to track finished goods as well as raw material inventory.It allows you to control your inventory, sales and shipping across multiple channels.DEAR is best suitable for manufacturing companies with its manufacturing module which helps to track the cost of raw material and labor in the production of finished goods.It is also a robust inventory management tool like TradeGecko, Orderhive and Stitch. 

WooCommerce Stock Manager:

WooCommerce Stock Manager is a free plugin which is popularly used for Stock Management in WooCommerce.This tool provides you all the product stock within a single screen.It has some amazing features like managing your stocks in a single go. You can also set parameters for your products.You can get the information about what product is in stock, out stock, and other.One more feature is product filtering by which you can filter products in availability of product, stock status, category and other. 

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Lastly, I want to conclude that it is very important for each and every business to manage your stocks and inventories to raise the demands for your business. WooCommerce Inventory Management plugins allow you to easily control all your business needs and demands by different plugins like TradeGecko, Orderhive, Stitch, DEAR Inventory, and WooCommerce Stock Manager which helps you to manage the inventory, stocks, etc for your business needs.

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